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Books: Sociolinguistics

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  1. Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS), Socioling: War Words by U. Clark

Message 1: Socioling: War Words by U. Clark

Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:36:02 -0000
From: Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS) <>
Subject: Socioling: War Words by U. Clark

By Urszula Clark, University of Wolverhampton, UK
2001, Hardbound, ISBN: 0-08-043650-1, 308 pages, 
NLG 170 (euro 77.14), US$ 89

Debates about the nature of literacy and literacy practices have been
conducted extensively in the last fifteen years or so. The fact that
both previous and current British governments have effectively
suppressed any real debate makes the publication of this book both
timely and important. Here, Urszula Clark stresses the underlying
ideological character of such debates and shows that they have deep
historical roots. She also makes the point that issues regarding the
relationship between language and identity, especially national
identity, become sharply focused at times of crisis in that
identity. By undertaking a comparison with other major
English-speaking countries, most notably Australia, New Zealand and
the USA, Clark shows how these times of crisis reverberate around the
globe. For academic lecturers and researchers in higher education in
the field of language and education and an informed lay audience.


Language, History and Pedagogic Discourse: 

Introduction; The Social Construction of Discourse; Bernstein's Theory
of Pedagogic Discourse; Rules of distribution; Rules of
recontextualisation; Rules of evaluation; Conclusion. Language and
Education in the 19th Century: Introduction; The Formation of
Elementary Schooling; Theories of Language and Processes of
Standardisation; 'English' and Grammar; Language, Literacy, Education
and Pedagogy; Elementary into Secondary Education; Conclusion.

English for the English: A Language for Life?

Introduction; Changing Discourses of English, Language and the
Humanist Tradition; The Newbolt Report; Pedagogic Recontextualisations
of English Grammar; Leavis, Thompson, and Language as 'a Living

Secondary Education for All: 

Grammar versus Comprehensive; English through Experience; Language in
Use; Bullock and the Teaching of Standard English; English,
Multiculturalism, and Language across the Curriculum; Conclusion.

Nationalising a Curriculum for English: 

Introduction; Late 20th-Century Educational Reform; The Beginnings of
a National Curriculum for English; Cox, LINC, and the Warwick English
Project; Re-defining Standard English; Reconfiguring Language and
Literacy for the 21st Century: The National Literacy Strategy;

Sparking a War of Words: Recontextualising Grammar within
Curriculum Statements for English in New Zealand and Australia:

Introduction; New Zealand: Two Official Languages? Reforming
Syllabuses for English in New Zealand: 1940s-1980s; Rewriting New
Zealand English; Exploring Language: A Pedagogic Grammar of New
Zealand English; Statements and Profiles: An Australian Context;
Writing an Australian English Statement; New South Wales, Grammar, and
the K-6 Syllabus; Conclusion. 

The Ebonics Debate: Race, Culture, Language and Identity in the USA: 

Introduction; Melting Pot or Salad Bowl: Language, Identity and the
American Constitution; Linguistic Pluralism and Education; Black
English versus Ebonics; Ann Arbor, Oakland and Ebonics; Conclusion.
Conclusion: Introduction; Language, Grammar and the Teaching of
English; Conclusion; 

References; Index.

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