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Wed Feb 21 2001

Books: Discourse Analysis

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  1. Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS), Analysing the Language of Discourse Communities, Cutting

Message 1: Analysing the Language of Discourse Communities, Cutting

Date: Tue, 20 Feb 2001 09:55:10 -0000
From: Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS) <>
Subject: Analysing the Language of Discourse Communities, Cutting

 By Joan Cutting, University of Sunderland, UK
 2000, Hardbound, ISBN: 0-08-043893-8, 190 pages, NLG 170 (euro 77.14), US$
 This book describes how the language used in social interaction evolves
 from the time the speakers first meet and becomes the in-group code of a
 given discourse community (in this case the academic community). 
 Most studies reported in the literature of the language of groups and
 intimates until now have been global, imprecise or unsystematic, and have
 described the language as a product at a given time; no systematic study
 appears to have been carried out to follow through the interactions of
 individuals as they form a group, to discover precisely how and why
 language changes over time as assumed knowledge grows. Here, Joan Cutting
 focuses on the precise changes that occur with increasing knowledge over
 time, and uses a longitudinal approach to describe the language as a
 For academic researchers and advanced students in linguistics specialising
 in applied linguistics and/or pragmatics, and for all 'behavioural
 science' researchers and students interested in discourse analysis. 
 Theory and Methodology:
 Introduction; General Approach to Discourse Analysis; Meaning of context;
 Linguistic analysis; Functional analysis; Conversational organisation
 analysis; Studies of In-Group Markers; The Study of the MSc In-Group
 Language; Model and method of analysis; Map of the book; Conclusion.
 The In-Group:
 Psychology Literature on Relationships; The MSc Student Group; In-group
 Markers; Informality; Humour; Topic shifts; The Recordees; Conclusion.
 Knowledge Areas:
 Introduction; The literature on knowledge and context; The categorisation
 of knowledge; Changes in Knowledge; The common K areas; Shared
 interpersonal knowledge; Further Dimensions; Conclusion.
 Grammar of the In-Group Code:
 Introduction; Overview; Grammatical reference categories; Analysis of
 grammatical reference; Changes in Grammatical Reference; Non-anaphoric
 definite reference; Degrees of explicitness; Shared interpersonal
 knowledge; Referents; Context; Specificity; Further Dimensions;
 Lexis of the In-Group Code:
 Introduction; Overview; Lexical reference categories; Analysis of lexical reference;
 Changes in Lexical Reference; Nouns; Verbs; Further Dimensions;
 Implicitness over Utterances:
 Introduction; Clausal Ellipsis; The categories; Changes in clausal
 ellipsis; Conversational Implicature; The categories; Changes in humour;
 Topic Shifts and Hitches; Changes in topic shifts; Changes in hitches;
 Further Dimensions; Conclusion.
 Introduction; Macro-Functions; The categories; Changes in macro-function;
 Speech Acts; The categories; Changes in speech acts; Function of Implicit
 Language; Macro-function; Speech acts; Further Dimensions; Conclusion.
 Further Study:
 Summary; Implicit language and in-group membership; Changes in form and
 function; Function of implicit language; Recommendations for Further
 Research; Expansion of the model; Generalisability of the model; Social
 dimensions of the model; Applications; Teaching English as a foreign
 language; Clinical pragmatics; Forensic linguistics; Conclusion;
 Appendices; References. 
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