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Tue Feb 27 2001

Calls: Sharing Tools/Resources, Text/Speech/Dialogue

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  1. Steven Krauwer, Sharing Tools and Resources (ACL2001)
  2. tsd2001 Matousek, Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

Message 1: Sharing Tools and Resources (ACL2001)

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 15:49:53 +0100 (MET)
From: Steven Krauwer <>
Subject: Sharing Tools and Resources (ACL2001)


 ACL/EACL Workshop on
 Sharing Tools and Resources for Research and Education

 Co-organised by ELSNET
 Toulouse, Saturday 7th July 2001


 At a workshop at ACL 2000 in Hong Kong dedicated to Infrastructures
 for Global Collaboration there was an agreement between the main
 professional organisations in NLP and Speech (ACL and ISCA), and
 ELSNET, and the other meeting participants, that it would be useful to
 aim at a broadly supported, joint repository or catalogue for tools
 and materials for the language and speech communities.
 An ELSNET-sponsored workshop on educational issues held at EACL99
 concluded that certain non-transient infrastructures needed to be
 instigated to raise the public perception of educational issues in
 NLP. It also concluded that a repository of shared materials,
 appropriately indexed for educational usage, would be a useful point
 of departure.
 This workshop will build on the consensus reached at these previous
 workshops. There will be two clear foci: one upon instruments for
 sharing tools and resources in general that addresses practical
 problems, and the other upon the technological and infrastructural
 issues surrounding the educational uses of repositories.
 Good examples of existing initiatives in this area are among others
 the ACL Natural Language Software Registry (hosted at DFKI, which was set up as a repository for tools for the
 distinct fields of Human Language Techology (HLT), the ELRA/ELDA, LDC,
 TELRI and Elsnet resources catalogues and repositories
 ( , , and ), 
 OLAC (a worldwide network of language archives at ), and JEWELS
 ( ), an as-yet incomplete EU funded website for
 educational materials in Language and Speech.
 A third theme concerns how to build upon existing initiatives as
 sources of data or inspiration.

 The main goal of the workshop is to discuss methods for the
 improvement and extension of existing repositories; the educational
 uses of repositories; the closer interlinking between different kinds
 of repositories (tools and resources); global infrastructures for the
 achievement of joint actions. However, we expect the scope of the
 workshop to be much wider than that, as the issues addressed are of
 general interest to everybody who believes that sharing tools and
 resources is essential for the progress of research and education in
 our field.
 Contributions of papers and demonstrations are solicited that address
 the above themes. The following list of topics is suggestive rather
 than exhaustive:
 * Repositories versus catalogues
 * Mechanisms and infrastructures for sharing and describing content
 * Repository management
 * Standards for exchange, description, and annotation
 * Metadata descriptions
 * Quality assessment
 * Structure and content of an NLP/CL repository
 * Tools and materials for NLP/CL education
 * Web-based teaching methods for NLP/CL

 * Electronic submissions only (PostScript, Word, or PDF), following
 the appropriate ACL latex style or Microsoft Word style.
 Submissions should not exceed eight (8) pages, including
 references. You can download the appropriate style or template
 files using the following link: 
 In case of problems with the submission format, please contact 
 one of the co-chairs.
 * Submissions to either co-chair (Mike Rosner and Thierry Declerck).
 All submissions will be acknowledged.
 * Please provide a list of keywords in the separate header page and
 indicate the best fitting subtopic(s) from the above list.

 * Demos may be submitted with or without an accompanying paper.
 * Please write a 2-page description of the demo and send to either
 co-chair. Please let us know about special hardware requirements
 over and above the standard PC + beamer without internet access
 provided by default

 - Thierry Declerck (DFKI) Co-chair (Repository)
 - Mike Rosner (Malta) Co-chair (Education)
 - Steven Bird (U. Penn)
 - Bill Black (UMIST) (UMIST, Manchester, UK)
 - Gosse Bouma (University of Groningen)
 - Koenraad de Smedt (University of Bergen)
 - Claire Gardent (CNRS, Nancy)
 - Steven Krauwer (Utrecht University)
 - Donna Harman (NIST)
 - Julia Hirschberg (ATT, ISCA)
 - Jun'ichi Tsujii (Tokyo)
 - Andy Way (Dublin City University)
 - Antonio Zampolli (Univ. of Pisa)

 * Submission Deadline: 6th April 2001
 * Notification Date: 27th April 2001
 * Camera ready copy due: 16th May 2001



 Michael Rosner
 Thierry Declerck
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Message 2: Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

Date: Tue, 27 Feb 2001 08:47:51 +0100 (MET)
From: tsd2001 Matousek <>
Subject: Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)


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 An International Conference on Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD 2001)

 September 10 - 13, 2001

 Zelezna Ruda, Czech Republic


 S E C O N D A N N O U N C E M E N T 

 A N D 

 C A L L F O R P A P E R S


TSD 2001 will be organized by the Faculty of Applied Sciences,
University of West Bohemia, Plzen (Pilsen), and the Faculty of
Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno, under the auspices of the Dean
of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the University of West Bohemia.

Conference topics:
- ----------------

TSD 2001 will be concerned with topics in the field of natural
language processing, in particular: 

- corpora, texts and transcription; 
- speech analysis, recognition and synthesis; 
- their interrelationship within NL dialogue systems.

Topics of the TSD 2001 Conference will include: 
- text corpora and tagging; 
- transcription problems in spoken corpora; 
- sense disambiguation; 
- links between text and speech oriented systems; 
- parsing issues, especially parsing problems in spoken texts; 
- multilingual issues, especially multilingual dialogue systems; 
- information retrieval and text/topic summarization; 
- speech modeling; 
- speech segmentation; 
- speech recognition; 
- text-to-speech synthesis; 
- speech and motions;
- dialogue systems; 
- development of dialogue strategies; 
- assistive technologies based on speech and dialogue; 
- applied systems and software.

The official language of the event will be English, but papers on
issues relating to text and speech processing in languages other than
English are strongly encouraged.

Format of the conference:
- ---------------------

TSD 2001 will be an international conference with a limited number of
active participants. The conference program will include presentation
of three invited papers by keynote speakers, a limited number of 
general oral presentations, and a poster / demonstration sessions. 
Papers will be presented in plenary or topic oriented sessions. 
A special feature of the conference will be thematically oriented
poster sections supported by short oral presentations.

- ----------

The papers will be printed and distributed to participants at the
conference. The proceedings will also be published by Springer Verlag 
in the series Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence (LNAI).

- ----

The conference will take place at the Hotel Horizont in the Sumava 
Mountains. The hotel is situated 1100 m above sea level in the 
Bohemian Forest Nature Preserve, 3 km from the centre of Zelezna Ruda 

Social events:
- ------------

The conference will also include social events and trips to some of 
the most beautiful places in Sumava - the Sumava National Park, Black 
Lake, Devil's Lake, Laka Lake, the city of Klatovy, Klenova Castle, 
and Grosser Arber in Bayerischer Wald on the German side of the border.

How to reach Zelezna Ruda:
- ---------------------------

Zelezna Ruda has very good train connections with Prague, Pilsen and 
Munich. Distances from the nearest airports (Prague-Ruzyne, Munich) 
to Zelezna Ruda are about 200 km. More detailed travel information 
will be posted on the TSD 2001 Web site in due course.

Registration Cost:
- ----------------

Registration fee is $220 (including meals, accommodation, organizing 
costs, conference proceedings, social events). Student reductions 
will be available.

- ------------

The Hotel Horizont has 90 double rooms. Each room has its own shower, 
toilet, telephone, and TV set. The hotel also offers the usual hotel 

Dates to Note:
- --------------

 March 15, 2001 Preliminary registration and deadline for 
 submission of papers

 April 30, 2001 Notification of acceptance or rejection 

 May 30, 2001 Camera-ready paper submission

 Sept. 10-13, 2001 TSD 2001

International program committee:
- ------------------------------

 Frederick Jelinek, USA - general chair

 Hynek Hermansky, USA - executive chair

 Genevieve Baudoin, France - speech
 Frantisek Cermak, Czech Rep. - text
 Attila Ferencz, Romania,S.Korea - speech
 Eva Hajicova, Czech Rep. - text, speech
 Patrick Hanks, USA - text
 Eduard Hovy, USA - text, speech
 Adam Kilgariff, GB - text
 Ivan Kopecek, Czech Rep. - speech, text
 Steven Krauwer, Netherland - text
 Karel Kucera, Czech Rep. - text
 Vaclav Matousek, Czech Rep. - speech
 Rosamund Moon, GB - text
 Elmar Noeth, Germany - speech
 Karel Pala, Czech Rep. - text
 Nikola Pavesic, Slovenia - speech
 Vladimir Petkevic, Czech Rep. - text
 Josef Psutka, Czech Rep. - speech
 E.G. Schukat-Tallamazini, Germany - speech
 Pavel Skrelin, Russia - speech
 Taras Vintsiuk, Ukraine - speech
 Yorick Wilks, GB - text

Organizing committee:
- -------------------
	Vaclav Matousek (chair) 
	Helena Benesova 
	Kamil Ekstein 	
	Jana Hesova 
	Svatava Kindlova
	Jana Kleckova 
	Ivan Kopecek
	Jana Krutisova 
	Josef Masek 
	Pavel Mautner 
	Roman Moucek 
	Jana Ocelikova 
	Karel Pala 
	Pavel Slavik 
	Petr Sojka 
	Karel Tauser 

- -----------
The registration fee should be paid directly by bank transfer to:

 Komercni banka Plzen-mesto,
 Goethova 1, CZ-305 95 Plzen

account number : 4811530257/0100

purchase order : 5204/0003/00

special ID code: your birth date in the form YYMMDD (year - month 
 - day), e.g. 550425

account holder: University of West Bohemia,
 Univerzitni 8, CZ - 306 14 Plzen

stating: TSD 2001 and your name

Submission of papers:
- -------------------

Full papers (max. 8 pages in Springer LNCS format) will be required 
to enable the program committee to reach a decision about acceptance 
or rejection. Preliminary versions of full papers submitted for 
acceptance could be prepared in ASCII format. Papers should be 
submitted to the TSD 2001 Secretariat, preferably by email 
(, by March 15th, 2001. Please contact the 
Conference Secretariat if receipt of your email submission is not 
acknowledged within 7 days. It is intended to post abstracts 
of papers that have been accepted on the TSD 2001 Web site in 
advance of the conference.

Please include the following information with your paper:

- title of paper, author name(s), author(s) affiliation(s)
- e-mail/address/fax of author(s)/contact(s)
- presentation preference: oral or poster/demonstration.

Authors of accepted papers will be requested to send their papers in 
LateX and PostScript form (in LNCS format) to the Conference 
Secretariat by e-mail before June 1st. LaTeX word processor is 
required. Format instructions ( and LNCS LaTeX format ) will be 
available to authors on the TSD 2001 Web site.

The conference proceedings will, as in previous years, be published 
by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS/LNAI series (references for previous 
sets of proceedings: LNAI 1692 and LNAI 1902).

Conference secretariat:
- ---------------------

All correspondence regarding the conference should be addressed to:

Ms. Helena Benesova 
University of West Bohemia in Pilsen 
Faculty of Applied Sciences 
Department of Computer Science
Univerzitni 8
CZ - 306 14 PLZEN
Czech Republic 

Tel: (+420 19) 7491 212, 27 62 50
Fax: (+420 19) 7491 213 


To obtain more information please visit the TSD 2001 Web site:

- -------------------------- cut here -------------------------------

 TSD 2001, September 10-13, 2001, Zelezna Ruda, Czech Republic

 Preliminary registration

 Please return this form to the Conference Secretariat




Phone: Fax:


I would like to participate in TSD 2001 as a

[ ] Full participant [ ] Student

[ ] I propose to submit a full paper entitled:

Preferred mode of presentation: [ ] oral [ ] demo / poster
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