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  1. Kimberly Kahn, Lang & Culture: Modified #12.400, Language & Nationalism in Europe

Message 1: Lang & Culture: Modified #12.400, Language & Nationalism in Europe

Date: 20 Feb 2001 19:40:27 -0000
From: Kimberly Kahn <KRKOUP-USA.ORG>
Subject: Lang & Culture: Modified #12.400, Language & Nationalism in Europe

Edited by Stephen Barbour, Oxford University, and
Cathie Carmichael, Middlesex University	

This volume examines the role of language in the present and past
creation of social, cultural, and national identities in Europe,
considering the way in which language may sometimes reinforce national
identity (as in England) while tending to subvert the nation-state (as
in the United Kingdom).

The book describes the interactive roles of language, ethnicity,
culture, and institutions in the character and formation of
nationalism and identity throughout Europe. A select team of
international contributors consider various questions drawing on
evidence from the majority of European countries.

The book concludes with a consideration of the current relative status
of the languages of Europe and how these and the identities they
reflect are changing and evolving.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Nationalism, Language, Europe, Stephen Barbour
Chapter 2: Britain and Ireland: The Varying Significance of Language for 
 Nationalism, Stephen Barbour
Chapter 3: France: 'One State, One Nation, One Language?', Anne Judge
Chapter 4: The Iberian Peninsula: Conflicting Linguistic Nationalisms, 
 Clare Mar-Molinero
Chapter 5: Northern Europe: Languages as Prime Markers of Ethnic and National 
 Identity, Lars S. Viktor
Chapter 6: The Low Countries: A Study in Sharply Contrasting Nationalisms, 
 Robert B. Howell
Chapter 7: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg: The Total Coincidence of
 Nations and Speech Communities?, Stephen Barbour
Chapter 8: Language and Nationalism in Italy: Language as a Weak Marker of 
 Identity, Carlo Ruzza
Chapter 9: Contrasting Ethnic Nationalisms: Eastern Central Europe - Hungary, 
 Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic, Barbara Tornquist-Plewa
Chapter 10: 'A People Exists and that People has its Language': 
	 Language Nationalism in the Balkans, Cathie Carmichael
Chapter 11: Greece and European Turkey: From Religious to Linguistic Identity,
 Peter Trudgill
Chapter 12: Coming to Terms with the Past: Language and Nationalism in the
 Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, the Baltic States, and the Russian
	 Federation, Cathie Carmichael
Chapter 13: Conclusions: Language and National Identity in a Changing Europe, 
 Cathie Carmichael

February 2001 336 pp.; 4 maps, 1 fig
0-19-823671-9 $70.00
Oxford University Press
Kimberly Kahn
Oxford University Press, 198 Madison Avenue, New
York, NY 10016
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