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TOC: Modified Issue#12.598 Int'l J of Translation

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  1. U. S. Bahri, Modified Issue#12.598 Int'l J of Translation

Message 1: Modified Issue#12.598 Int'l J of Translation

Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:02:02 -0800
From: U. S. Bahri <>
Subject: Modified Issue#12.598 Int'l J of Translation

International Journal of Translation, devoted to all aspects of
Translation is published in January and July every year by Bahri
Publications, New Delhi (since 1989), with papers on theoretical and
methodological points of view; with translators from one language to
another sharing their viewpoints and experiences across the world;
research and data-based empirical studies on translation pedagogy,
lexicology, translation of religious texts, and contrastive
translatology. IJT publishes articles, research papers, book reviews,
notes and notifications on translation activities across the globe and
also has added publishing short fiction and poetry translated from any
language of the world into English. (see TOCs of previous 11 volumes

Contents of International Journal of Translation (IJT) Vol. 12,
Jan-Dec 2000

1. Is it Worth Learning Translation Technology?
 Joseba Abaitua
2 Contextual Aspects of Court Interpreting Ethics
 Cynthia Migu�lez
3. A Competition Model for the Generation of Complementation Patterns in
 Machine Translation
 Guadalupe Aguado de Cea & Antonio Pareja-Lora
4. Translation Software by Lingvistica'98: The PARS Family of Machine
 Translation Systems
 Michael S. Blekhman et al
5. Computer-Assisted English�Russian Dictionary
 Michael S. Blekhman et al.
6. Exploring Medical Spanish
 M. �ngeles Alcaraz
7. Cohesion in Written Texts: An Analysis Comparing English and Spanish
 Inmaculada Alvarez De Mon Y Rego
8. Insults: A Relevance-Theoretic Taxonomical Approach to their Translation
 Jos� Mateo & Francisco Yus
9. False Friends: Mousetraps for Communication & Translation
 Pedro Jos� Chamizo Dom�nuez
10. The Translator's Reality
 Deborah D. K. Ruuskanen
11. The Concept of Equivalence in the Translation of Medical and Legal Texts
 Anabel Borja Albi
12. Theory and Practice in the Training of Interpreters
 Ingrid Kurz
13. Equivalence and Culture Transfer in Translation: An Exercise in
 Applied Translation Studies
 Ravinder Kaur Bahri

Contents of International Journal of Translation Vol.13, No.1-2,
Jan-Dec 2001(already published)

1. Machine Translation and Human Translation: In Competition or in
 John Hutchins
2. Is It Worth Learning Translation Technology?
 Joseba Abaitua
3. CRL: A Center of Research Excellence in Machine Translation
 Sergei Nirenburg
4. Machine Translation - User's Perspective
 Laurie Gerber
5. General Remarks on Machine Translation
 Michael S. Blekhman
6. First Steps of Language Engineering in the USSR: The 50s through 70s
 Boris Pevzner
7. Machine Translation in the Former Soviet Union and in the New Russia
 Xenia Piotrowska, Rajmund Piotrowski,
 Yuri Romanov, Natalia Zaitseva & M. Blekhman
8. Dictionary Organization in Linguistic Automaton for Oriental Languages
 Rajmund Piotrowski, Yuri Romanov, Yuri Tavomach,
 Natalia Zaitseva & M. Blekhman
9. Machine Translation Methods: Text Structure and Translator Work
 Larissa Beliaeva
10. Word-sense Disambiguation Through Visual Thought Analysis
 Srinivasan Vaidyaraman
11. Software for Processing Spanish: Products by Word Magic Software
 Olga Bezhanova
12. A Large Database of Collocations and Semantic References:
 Interlingual Applications
 Igor Bolshakov & Alexander Gelbukh
13. Educational Applications of a Machine Translation System
 Tatyana M. Gurina
14. Computer Translation Service provided by
 Dalia Blumenthal
15. Computer-Assisted Text and Speech Understanding Project
 Alexander Razakov
16. Developing an English-Chinese Dictionary of Proper Names
 Olena Tronevych, Eugene Korshykov & Andrei Kursin
17. Creating Enterprise Machine Translation Systems
 Winfield Scott Bennett
(see TOCs of previous 11 volumes at

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