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Date: Mon, 05 Mar 2001 12:02:52 -0800
From: U. S. Bahri <>
Subject: Language Forum


Language Forum, devoted to the studies of languages and literatures of
the world, is published half-yearly by Bahri Publications New Delhi
(since 1975) with papers on linguistic analyses of Indian languages,
dialects, comparative literature, literary and linguistic stylistics,
semantics, semiotics pragmatics, and literary criticism and literary
analysis in general on any language and literature across the
world. LF also publishes book reviews, notes, notices and reports on
onging research in the fields of language and linguistics. (see TOCs
of previous 25 volumes at:

Language Forum Vol.26, No.1-2, Jan-Dec 2000
Special Issue on Signs and Signification (Vol.2) edited by H.S. Gill &

1. Reality and its Representation: The Verbal Image in Indian Thought and
 Kapil Kapoor
2. The Importance of Panini for the Development of the Science of Meaning 
 George Wolf
3. Aristotle and Augustine, Two models of Occidental Medieval Semantics
 Ir�ne Rosier Catach
4. Des Signes Dans L'intellect 
 Claude Panaccio
5. The Meaning of 'significatio' in Scholastic Logic 
 Stephan Meier-Oeser
6. In the Beginning was the Word 
 Harjeet Singh Gill
7. Types of Polemics and Types of Polemical Moves 
 Marcelo Dascal
8. The Reality of the Word 
 F.G. Asenjo
9. Gulliver and the Semioticians 
 Roy Harris
10. Sign and Symbol: Semiotics and Cognitive Science 
 Fran�ois Rastier
11. Origins and Some Developments of the Notion of Enunciation 
 Giovanni Manetti
12. Ambiguity, Interpretation and Meaning in the Work of Henry James: 
 A Peircean Approach
 Janice Deledalle-Rhodes
13. A Semiotic Reading of Franz Kafka's Trial 
 Rosy Singh
14. Jacques Lacan, Doctor Faustus and the Polyneics Complex of Man 
 Santanu Biswas
15. Force Dynamics, Case Structures, and Prototypicality 
 Franson Manjali
16. Kanada's Vaisesika Sutra: A Translation 
 Debasish Chakrabarty
17. Buddhist Theory of Meaning 
 Rajnish Mishra
18. A Critique of Madhavacarya's Lokayata Darkana as presented in his
 Sarvadarkana SaNgraha 
 Anuradha Ghosh
19. Cognition and Signification in the Yoga System of Philosophy 
 Sauguta Bhaduri

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