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Books: Italian Syntax

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  1. Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS), Italian Syntax: Current Studies in Italian Syntax

Message 1: Italian Syntax: Current Studies in Italian Syntax

Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 11:01:05 -0000
From: Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS) <>
Subject: Italian Syntax: Current Studies in Italian Syntax

Edited by Guglielmo Cinque and Giampaolo Salvi

Volume 59 in the North Holland Linguistic Series: Linguistic Variations:
Edited by J. Rooryck, University of Leiden and P. Pica, C.N.R.S, France

ISBN: 0-08-0438741 * Hardbound * 326 pages * NLG 185 (euro 83.95) USD 91

The sixteen contributions which make up this volume are representative
of the research currently carried out in Italy on Italian and, more
generally, Romance syntax (in the generative tradition). The essays
were specially collected to pay homage to Professor Lorenzo Renzi, a
scholar who has since the 1960s promoted and shaped the study of
Italian syntax in Italy, both through his own work and through a
collective enterprise which culminated in the publication of the
Grande Grammatica Italiana di Consultazione (3 vol., Bologna, Il
Mulino, 1988-1995). Most of the contributors to this volume were
engaged in that enterprise as young, unemployed linguists, and are now
among the most prominent specialists in the field of Italian syntax.
For syntacticians, Romance linguists, and especially students of the
Italian language.



Syntactic intervention effects on Italian polarity items (P. Acquaviva)

Speculations on the possible source of expletive negation in Italian
comparative clauses (A. Belletti)

The position of topic and focus on the left periphery (P. Beninc´┐Ż)

Aspect prefixes in verbal periphrases in Italian and other Romance languages
(F. Benucci)

"Propulsive" tenses in modern Italian fictional prose (P.M. Bertinetto)

A second thought on emarginazione: destressing vs. "right dislocation" 
(A. Cardinaletti)

"Restructuring" and the order of aspectual and root modal heads (G. Cinque)

The birth of a functional category: from Latin ILLE to the Romance article
and personal pronoun (G. Giusti)

Romance causatives and dynamic antisymmetry (M.T. Guasti, A. Moro)

A note on clitic doubling in French (R.S. Kayne)

Either "subject oriented" or merely sentential (L. Lonzi)

The syntax of object clitics: si in Italian dialects (M.R. Manzini, 
L.M. Savoia)

Complementizer deletion and verb movement in standard Italian (C. Poletto)

On the position "int(errogative)" in the left periphery of the clause 
(L. Rizzi)

The two sentence structures of Early Romance (G. Salvi)

Evidence for a null locative in Italian (C.M. Tortora)

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