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TOC: Reading and Writing. Vol. 14

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  1. kap-listman, Reading and Writing. Vol. 14, Issue 1/2, March 2001

Message 1: Reading and Writing. Vol. 14, Issue 1/2, March 2001

Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 02:05:11 +0100 (MET)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Reading and Writing. Vol. 14, Issue 1/2, March 2001

Reading and Writing
An Interdisciplinary Journal

ISSN 0922-4777

Vol. 14, Issue 1/2, March 2001.

TITLE: Gender differences in reading performance on documents 
 across countries
AUTHOR(S): Monica Rosen
KEYWORD(S): Comparative studies, Documents, Gender differences, Reading
 literacy, Structural equation modeling.
PAGE(S): 1-38

TITLE: The role of vowels in reading Semitic scripts- Data from
 Arabic and Hebrew
AUTHOR(S): Salim Abu-Rabia
KEYWORD(S): Triliteral/quadriliteral-root model, Reading Semitic languages,
 Vowels, Context, Different orthographies.
PAGE(S): 39-59

TITLE: Development of decoding, reading comprehension, vocabulary
 and spelling during the elementary school years
AUTHOR(S): Cor Aarnoutse, Jan van Leeuwe, Marinus Voeten, Han Oud
KEYWORD(S): Decoding efficiency, Developmental curves, Matthew effect,
 Reading comprehension, Spelling, Vocabulary.
PAGE(S): 61-89

TITLE: The role of phonological memory, word recognition, and
 comprehension skills in reading development- from preschool
 to grade 2
AUTHOR(S): Mia Dufva, Pekka Niemi, Marinus J.M. Voeten
KEYWORD(S): Comprehension skills, Phonological memory, Reading development,
 Word recognition.
PAGE(S): 91-117

TITLE: Nature and importance of the logographic phase in learning
 to read
AUTHOR(S): Mireille Bastien-Toniazzo, Sandrine Jullien
KEYWORD(S): Cognitive development, Learning, Logographic phase, Reading.
PAGE(S): 119-143

TITLE: The role of different levels of phonological awareness
 in the development of reading and spelling in Greek
AUTHOR(S): Athanasios Aidinis, Terezinha Nunes
KEYWORD(S): Greek language, Phoneme awareness, Reading, Spelling, Syllable
PAGE(S): 145-177

TITLE: The semantic effect on retrieval of radicals in logographic
AUTHOR(S): Jun Yamada, Hiroomi Takashima
KEYWORD(S): Logographic character, Radical, Semantic effect, Tip-of-the-pen.
PAGE(S): 179-194

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