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Fri Mar 9 2001

TOC: Journal of Language and Computation Vol.1

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  1. Ruth Kempson, Journal of Language and Computation Vol 1, No.1 & No.2

Message 1: Journal of Language and Computation Vol 1, No.1 & No.2

Date: Wed, 07 Mar 2001 13:41:50 +0000
From: Ruth Kempson <>
Subject: Journal of Language and Computation Vol 1, No.1 & No.2

Journal of Language and Computation : New Issue

Language and Computation is a journal initially published solely
electronically now available in electronic and hard-copy form. It is
dedicated to the publication of high level research papers at the
interface of logic, linguistics, formal grammar, and computational
linguistics. It produces 4 issues per volume, published by Hermes
Science Publishing, and sponsored by FOLLI.

Submitted papers should be restricted to about 30 printed pages.
Submission may be made by post or electronically, although the latter
is preferred. If you cannot submit electronically, send four copies
of the manuscript to:

 Dr. Odinaldo Rodrigues, 
 Department of Computer Science, King's College London, 
 The Strand, London, WC2R 2LS, UK.

Electronic submission of a postscript file, with a separate covering
message, should be sent to For further details,
see our webpage.

 Contents of Vol.1 No.1
 (Logic, Grammar and Language, edited D. Gabbay, R. Kempson):

 Paul Dekker.
 Scopes in Discourse

 Esther Koenig.
 LexGram. A practical categorial grammar formalism.

 Shuly Wintner and Nissim Francez
 Efficient implementation of Unificiation-Based Grammars.

 Hans-Joerge Tiede
 Identificability in the limit of context-free generalized quantifiers

 Jan van Eijck
 Axiomatising Dynamic Logics for Anaphora

 Contents of Vol 1. No.2
 (Inference in Computational Semantics, edited C. Monz, M de Rijke):

 Christof Monz, Maarten de Rijke
 Inference in Computational Semantics

 Allan Ramsay, Helen Seville
 Models and Discourse Models

 Peter Baumgartner, Michael Kuehn
 Abducing Coreference by Model Construction

 Norbert Fuchs, Uta Schwertel
 A Natural Language Front-end to Model Generation

 Claire Gardent, Karsten Konrad
 Interpreting Definites using Model Generation

 Matthew Stone
 Towards a Computational Account of Knowledge, Action and Inference in

 Aaron Kaplan
 Reason Maintenance in a Hybrid Reasoning System

 Bernd Ludwig, Guenther Goerz, Heinrich Niemann
 An Inference-based Approach to the Interpretation of Discourse

 Gann Bierner, Bonnie Webber
 Inference Through Alternative-set Semantics

 Alexander Holt, Ewan Klein, Claire Grover
 Natural Language Specifications for Hardware Verification

 Ramon P. Otero, Oscar G. Trinidad
 Action Formalisms in Language Understanding

 Malte Gabsdil, Kristina Striegnitz
 Classifying Scope Ambiguities

 Please ask your library to subscribe, and visit our website for further
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