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Mon Mar 12 2001

Confs: Japanese Linguistics and Altaic Langs at MIT

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  1. Ken Hiraiwa, FAJL3 and Workshop on Altaic Languages at MIT

Message 1: FAJL3 and Workshop on Altaic Languages at MIT

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 03:59:13 -0500 (EST)
From: Ken Hiraiwa <hiraiwaMIT.EDU>
Subject: FAJL3 and Workshop on Altaic Languages at MIT

 The 3rd Formal Approaches to Japanese Linguistics Conference
 May 18 - 20, 2001

We are pleased to announce that the Department of Linguistics
and Philosophy at MIT will host the 3rd Formal Approaches to
Japanese Linguistics Conference (FAJL3), on May18-20, 2001
at MIT. This year, there will also be a Workshop on Altaic
Languages, held on May 17, 2001 at MIT.

For more detailed information, please check:


Workshop on Altaic Languages:

Please make hotel reservations as soon as possible due
to an extremely high demand at this time in Boston/Cambridge area.

- ---------------------------------------------------------------------
Preliminary Programs (subject to minor changes)

FAJL3 (May 18-20, 2001 at MIT)
Sponsored by Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT
 Dept. of Foreign Languages and Literatures, MIT
 School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, MIT

Friday, May 18, 2001 (Room E51-345)

9:00 Breakfast/Registration
9:30 Opening Remarks

Session A
9:50 Coordination in Japanese
 Hironobu Kasai (University of California, Irvine)
 Shoichi Takahashi (Kanda University of International Studies)

10:30 Scrambling and Empty Categories
 Daiko Takahashi (Tohoku University)

11:10 On the So-called "FNQ-Scrambling" in Japanese
 Hideaki Yamashita (Nanzan University)

11:50 Frozen Scope, Specificity, and Their Structural Implications
 in Japanese Ditransitives
 Kimiko Nakanishi (University of Pennsylvania)

12:30 Lunch Break

Session B
2:00 The Semantics of Non-past -ta in Japanese
 Kiyomi Kusumoto (Hirosaki Gakuin University)

2:40 The Distribution of mo and ka and its Implications
 Kazuko Yatsushiro (University of Tuebingen)

3:20 The Unbindable Pronouns in Japanese
 Paul Elbourne (MIT)

4:00 Break

4:15 Invited Talk (title TBA)
 Noam Chomsky (MIT)

Saturday, May 19, 2001 (Room E51-345)

8:30 Breakfast

Session C
9:00 Psycholinguistic Studies on Japanese Head Internal Relative Clauses
 Masaya Yoshida (Sophia University)
 Tetsuya Sano (Meiji Gakuin University)

9:40 Honorific Agreement Constraints in Japanese
 Cedric Boeckx (University of Connecticut)
 Fumikazu Niinuma (University of Connecticut)

10:20 Closeness in Multiple Specifiers and Possessor Raising
 Ken Hiraiwa (MIT)

11:00 E-Possessive and Evidence for EPP-driven Scrambling
 Takae Tsujioka (Georgetown University)

11:40 Break

11:50 Invited Talk (title TBA)
 Anna Szabolcsi (NYU)

12:50 Lunch Break

Session D
2:30 Inaccessibility of the Domain-initial Nucleus in High-pitch
 Kuniya Nasukawa (Tohoku Gakuin University)
 Masayuki Oishi (Tohoku Gakuin University)

3:10 Constituency Constraints and Japanese Consonant Clusters
 John Matthews (Shizuoka University)

3:50 Phonological Blocking in the Japanese Casual Speech
 Larry Ichimura (Boston University)

4:30 Break

4:45 Invited Talk
 Selection and Merge: A Possible Parameter
 Mamoru Saito (Nanzan University)

Party! (TBA)

Sunday, May 20, 2001 (Room E51-345)

8:30 Breakfast

9:00 Invited Talk (title TBA)
 Masatoshi Koizumi (Tohoku University)

10:00 Break

Session E
10:10 A Verb of Excess in Japanese
 Akira Kikuchi (Tohoku University)

10:50 Scope, Negation, and Their Implications for Verb Movement
 in Korean and Japanese
 Chung-hye Han (University of Pennsylvania)
 Kimiko Nakanishi (University of Pennsylvania)

11:30 Raising out of CP and C-T Relations
 Asako Uchibori (Kanda University of International Studies)

12:10 Zibun as a Residue of Overt A-movement
 Mitsue Motomura (University of Maryland, College Park)

12:50 Closing Remarks

Covert Incorporation of Small Clause Predicates in Japanese
Yuichiro Fukumitsu (Tohoku University)

Movement, Reconstruction and the PBC
Shoichi Takahashi (Kanda University of International Studies)

Mechanism of Large-Scale Pied-Piping
Hidekazu Tanaka (University of Minnesota)

- ----------------------------------------------------------------
Workshop on Altaic Languages (May 17, 2001 at MIT)
Sponsored by Dept. of Linguistics and Philosophy, MIT

9:00 Opening Remarks

9:10 Engin Sezer, Harvard University
 Finite inflection in Turkic: A comparative perspective

9:50 Nadya Vinokurova, Utrecht University
 Categorizing bare roots in Sakha

10:30 Ju-Eun Lee, Harvard University
 Nominalizations in Korean

11:10 - 11:30 BREAK

11:30 John Whitman, Cornell Univesity
 Korean and Japanese: Cognate morphology and how it has diverged

12:10 - 1:30 LUNCH

1:30 Gulflat Aygen, Harvard University
 Case in Kazakh and Tuvan

2:10 Meltem Kelepir, MIT
 Subject & object positions and scope in Turkish

2:50 Balk]z Ozturk, Harvard University
 DPs in Turkish

3:30 - 3:50 BREAK

3:50 Murvet Enc, University of Wisconsin
 Identifying Functional Categories

4:30 Jaklin Kornfilt, Syracuse University
 Subjects and their Case in Turkish/Turkic embeddings

5:10 Shigeru Miyagawa, MIT
 Word order options in Japanese, Korean, and Turkish
 -- options without optionality


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