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Mon Mar 12 2001

Confs: Workshop on Genetics of Lang/ Tilburg Univ

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  1. C.L.Thiersch, Workshop on Genetics of Language/ Tilburg Univ

Message 1: Workshop on Genetics of Language/ Tilburg Univ

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 20:18:42 +0100
From: C.L.Thiersch <>
Subject: Workshop on Genetics of Language/ Tilburg Univ

The Linguistcs Dept. of Tilburg University is proud to
announce a week of seminars and workshops devoted to the
Genetics of Language, May 28 - June 1. There will be a
series of lectures and forum discussions on Wednesday and
Thursday, preceded by a two day seminar "Neurolinguistics"
given by Prof. Alec Marantz (Linguistics & Philosophy,
M.I.T.), and followed by a one day seminar "Language and the
Brain" given by Prof. Laurence B. Leonard (Audiology &
Speech Sciences, Purdue).


The sections and speakers are:

* Language & cognitive neuroscience

 - Sergey Avrutin (UiL-OTS, Utrecht Univ.)
 - Alfonso Caramazza (Psychology, Harvard)
 - Peter Hagoort (Nijmegen Inst. for Cognition and
 - Colin Phillips (Linguistics, U. of Maryland)

 Discussant: Bea de Gelder (Social & Behavioural
 Sciences, U. Tilburg)
* Selective impairment of language and cognition

 - Yosef Grodzinsky (Psychology, U. Tel Aviv University &
 Neurology, Boston Univ. School of Medicine) 
 - Heather van der Lely (Human Communication Science,
 University College, London)
 - Laurence B. Leonard (Audiology & Speech Sciences, Purdue)
 - Faraneh Vargha-Khadem (Development Cognitive
 Neuroscience, UniversityCollege, London)

 Discussant: Hubert Haider (Inst. fuer Sprachwissenschaft,
 Univ. Salzburg) 
* Origins of language & its diversification
 - Isabelle Dupanloup (Dipartimento di Biologia, Univ. di
 - Riny Huybregts (Models of Grammar Group, U. Tilburg)
 - Marta M. Lahr & Robert Foley (Biological Anthropology,
 Univ. of Cambridge)
 - Johanna Nichols (Slavic Languages and Literatures, UC

 Discussant: David Gil (Max Planck Inst. fuer
 evolutionaere Anthropologie, Leipzig)
* Mind/brain: the unification problem

 - Lyle Jenkins (Biolinguistics Institute, Cambridge, MA)
 - Massimo Piattelli-Palmarini (Cognitive Science Program,
 U. Arizona) 

 Discussant: Michael Brody (Phonetics and Linguistics,
 University College, London) 

* Forum Discussion:
 Neil V. Smith (Phonetics and Linguistics, University
 College London)
Further details, including abstracts and an an on-line
registration form, can be found at our web site:
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