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Books: Semantics/Pragmatics

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  1. Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS), Semantics/Pragmatics: Contexts of Metaphor by M. Leezenberg

Message 1: Semantics/Pragmatics: Contexts of Metaphor by M. Leezenberg

Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2001 10:39:11 -0000
From: Chipperfield, Leighton (ELS) <>
Subject: Semantics/Pragmatics: Contexts of Metaphor by M. Leezenberg

By Michiel Leezenberg

Volume 7 in the Current Research in the Semantics/Pragmatics Interface
Book Series:
Edited by K.M. Jaszczolt, University of Cambridge and 
 K. Turner, University of Brighton, UK
ISBN: 0-08-0438814 * Hardbound * 321 pages * NLG 190 (euro 86.22) USD 93.50 

This study presents an approach to metaphor that systematically takes
contextual factors into account. It analyses how metaphors both depend
on, and change, the context in which they are uttered, and
specifically, how metaphorical interpretation involves the
articulation of asserted, implied and presupposed material. It
supplements this semantic analysis with a practice-based account of
metaphor at the conceptual level, which stresses the role of
sociocultural factors in concept formation.


Chapters From the History of Metaphor: 
The Pre- and Protohistory of Metaphor; Prehistorical and preliterate
societies; Metaphor in Mesopotamia: Sumer and Akkad; Aristotle on Metaphor,
Comparison, and Similarity; Abd al-Q�hir al-Jurj�n�'s Mysteries of
Eloquence; Giambattista Vico: Metaphor and the Origin of Language.

Twentieth-Century Views of Metaphor:
Semantic Approaches; Referentialist views; Descriptivist views; Intermezzo:
metaphor in generative grammar; Pragmatic Approaches; The Gricean program;
Searle; The Davidsonian Program: Metaphor Without Meaning; Conceptualist
Approaches: Cognitive Semantics.

Metaphor and Context:
Metaphor and Context-Dependence; Kaplan's logic of demonstratives;
Context-dependence of property expressions; Metaphor and the logic of
demonstratives; A comparison: Stern's 'metaphor as demonstrative'.
Metaphorical Assertion; Stalnakerian views of assertion; Pragmatic
intrusion: the neo-Gricean program; Thematic dimensions, presupposition, and
assertion; Extensions: scope and shift of dimensions; Novel metaphor.

Metaphor, Concept, and Society.
Conceptualist Views of Metaphor: A Radical Critique; Extending cognitive
semantics: Gibbs & Indurkhya; A Wittgensteinian critique of concepts;
Metaphor and Concept Formation: A Vygotskyan Approach; Vygotsky: concepts,
language, and context; Similarity and the role of theories; Concepts and
metaphor; Beyond Literal Meaning; Bibliography; Index. 

Raymond W. Gibbs Jr., University of California, Santa Cruz, USA 

"There are many books on metaphor these days, but "Contexts of
Metaphor" demands scholars' immediate attention. Michiel Leezenberg
has provided an insightful account of metaphor and context-dependence
that will surely have an impact on philosophical and linguistic
theories of metaphor. But Leezenberg has also written a deeply
scholarly book that nicely evaluates many historical and contemporary
views of metaphor across disciplines. His analyses are very
impressive, and the breadth of his work is astonishing. "Contexts of
Metaphor" is a major addition to metaphor scholarship. " 

Jay David Atlas, Pomona College, Claremont, USA

"At the hands of J. Stern, M. Bergmann, P. Bosch, and now Michiel
Leezenberg, David Kaplan's logic of demonstratives has generated a
fruitful approach to the semantics of metaphor. Leezenberg's book is
the most recent and most developed application of indexical semantics
to metaphor. His discussion of pre- twenty-first century views is
particularly welcome, while his criticism of competing views from
contemporary linguistics, philosophy, and psychology of language is
astute and comprehensive. Leezenberg has created a compelling account
of metaphor as contextual interpretation. "

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