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Confs: Asymmetry - UQAM

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  1. Anna-Maria Di Sciullo, Asymmetry Conference Program/ UQAM

Message 1: Asymmetry Conference Program/ UQAM

Date: Mon, 12 Mar 2001 15:34:51 -0500
From: Anna-Maria Di Sciullo <>
Subject: Asymmetry Conference Program/ UQAM

Asymmetry Conference, UQAM, May, 7-10, 2001		
For further information please see: 

MONDAY, May 7th 		
9:00-9:30	Anna Maria Di Sciullo - UQAM 
		Morphological Relations in Strict Asymmetry Theory
9:30-10:00	Tom Roeper - UMASS
		Asymmetry, Compounds and Recursion
10:00-10:15	Break	
10:15-10:45	Alec Marantz - MIT	
		Prefix/Suffix Asymmetries in the Late Insertion/No Lexicon
10:45-11:15	Angela Ralli - Patras University
		Asymmetries in Prefixation vs.Compounding: The Case of Greek 
11:15-11:45	R�jean Canac-Marquis - Simon Fraser University	
		Asymmetry and the Typology of Formal Objects
11:45-12:15	Robert Beard - Bucknell University	
		How Morphological Asymmetry Predicts the Fusion-Agglutination
13:00-13:30	Harry Van der Hulst - University of Connecticut	
		Asymmetry and	Head-Dependency Relations
13:30-14:00	Eric Raimy - Swarthmore College 
		Asymmetry in Phonology
14:00-14:30	Charles Reiss - Concordia University 
		Theory of Elementary Phonological Relations
14:30-15:00	Elan Dresher - University of Toronto 
		Contrast and Asymmetries in Inventories
15:00-15:30	Glyne Piggott - McGill University	
		Obstruent Neutrality in Nasal Harmony
16:00-18:00	POSTERS	
	Petros Degif Banksira - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
 			Asymmetries of Floating Affixes
	Grace Magsabor - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
			Aspects of Ivie Derivational Morphology
	Stanca Somesfalean & al - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
			Aspects of Asymmetry Based Lexicon
	Suzanne Urbanczyk - University of Victoria	
			A Prosodic Asymmetry in Reduplication
TUESDAY, May 8th 		
9:00-9:30	Edwin Williams - Princeton University
		A/A' /A' '/A ' ' '
9:30-10:00	Jeffrey Parrott - Georgetown University
		"Explaining variable linear ordering asymmetries in English:
		A morphological alternative to grammatical viruses"
10:00-10:15	Break	
10:15-10:45	Julie A. Legate - MIT	
		Symmetry and Asymmetry in Warlpiri Syntax
10:45-11:15	Andrea Moro - San Raffaele University, Milan
		Symmetry, Movement and Predication
11:15-11:45	Chungming Lee - Seoul National U/UCLA
		Contrastive Topic and Proposition Stucture
11:45-12:15	Jean-Yves Pollock - CNRS 
		On the Left Periphery of Romance Questions
13:00-13:30	Richard Kayne - NYU
		Minimalism and Antisymmetry
13:30-14:00	Manuela Ambar - University of Lisbon
		Wh- Asymmetries
14:00-14:30	Jacqueline Gueron - Universit� de Paris III
		On the Contribution of Subjects and Objects to the Aspectual
Interpretation of the Sentence
14:30-15:00	Cedric Boeckx - University of Connecticut
		Resumptive Pronouns and Asymmetric Derivations
15:00-15:30	Dana Isac - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
		Restrictive Relative Clauses
15:30-16:00	Abdelkader Fassi Fehri - University of Rabat
Analytic/Synthetic Variation as Language Specific Asymmetry
16:00-18:00	POSTERS	
	Edith Jakab - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
		Asymmetry in Case: Finnish and Old Russian Nominative Objects 
	Stanca Somesfalean - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al
		Complement/Non-complement Asymmetries Revisited
	Thomas Ernst - Indiana University
		Adjuncts and Word Order Asymmetries 
	Sophie Burelle - University of Qu�bec at Montr�al	
		Preposition Stranding Asymmetries
WEDNESDAY, May 9th		
9:00-9:30	James T. Higginbotham - USC	
		Asymmetry and Compositionality
9:30-10:00	M. Espanol-Echeverria & A. Androutsopoulou UCLA-Laval French 
definite Determiner in Indefinite Context and Asymmetric Agreement
10:00-10:15	Break	
10:15-10:45	James Pustejovsky - Brandeis University
		Asymmetric Selection and Parameters of Coercion in Grammar
10:45-11:15	Hana Filip - Northwestern University
		Asymmetries in Aspect and Aktionsart Compositionality
11:15-11:45	Carol Tenny & Peggy Speas - UMASS	
		Configurational Properties of Point of View Roles
11:45-12:15	Greg Carlson - University of Rochester
		Interpretive Asymmetries in Major Phrases
13:00-13:30	David Lebeaux - NEC	
		A Subgrammar Approach to Language Acquisition
13:30-14:00	Sonja Eisenbeiss - MPI - The Netherlands	
		The Role of Asymmetric Relations Between Arguments in the
 		Acquisiton of Case
14:00-14:30	Maria Luisa Rivero & Magdalena Goledzinowska (UOttawa)	
		The Acquisition of Constructions with Reflexive Clitics in 
14:30-15:00	Charles Yang - Yale University
		An Asymmetry and a Symmetry in Child Null Subjects
15:00-17:00	POSTERS	
	Helen Goodluck & X. Cao - University of Ottawa 
		The Subject-Object Asymmetry in Double Gap Chinese Relatives:
		A Fresh Look 
	Christina Cuervo - MIT 
		Structural Asymmetries but Same Word Order: the
 		Dative Alternation in Spanish
	Niina Zhang - ZAS-Berlin 
		The Aysmmetries Between Depictive and Resultative Expressions 
		in Chinese 
THURSDAY, May 10th		
9:00-9:30	Edward Stabler - UCLA
		Language Asymmetries and Language Acquisition
9:30-10:00	Anna Maria Di Sciullo (UQAM) & Sandiway Fong (NEC)
		Morpho-Syntax Parsing
10:00-10:15	Break	
10:15-10:45	Eric Wehrli - University of Geneva
		A Multilingual Approach to Natural Language Parsing
10:45-11:15	Angela Ralli (UPatras) & Eleni Galiotou (NTIA)
		A Prototype for a Computational Analysis of Modern Greek
11:15-11:45	James Pustejovsky - Brandeis University
		Constraints on Inference Using Event-Based Models of Language
12:00-13:30	Reception	

Anna Maria Di Sciullo
Asymmetry Project

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