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Mon Mar 19 2001

All: Dissertation Abstracts - Fund Drive Day 7

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  1. linguist, Dissertation Abstracts - Fund Drive Day 7

Message 1: Dissertation Abstracts - Fund Drive Day 7

Date: 20 Mar 2001 04:36:39 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Dissertation Abstracts - Fund Drive Day 7

Dear Linguists,

Some of you may not be aware that The Linguist List now archives 
over 450 abstracts of dissertations in linguistics. These are 
available at

Moreover, you can search for these by linguistic subfield, as well 
as by author, keyword, title, and word(s) in the text. We have 
recently made major improvements in the speed and accuracy of 
the search engine. And a quick search by subfield showed us 
that, so far, syntacticians are either much more numerous or much 
more diligent about submitting their abstracts than those in other 
fields. On March 16, 2001 we had the following totals in each category:

Applied Ling 		34
Computational Ling 	35
Discourse Analysis	34
Historical Ling		23
Morphology		12
Phonetics		17
Phonology		37
Pragmatics		18
Psycholinguistics	27
Semantics		35
Sociolinguistics	48
Syntax			88
Text Ling 		 8
Typology		29	

Whether or not this suggests anything about the distribution of 
Ph.D.'s in the discipline, it will, we hope, suggest that The Linguist 
List dissertation abstracts facility is a useful research tool. The 
archive is rapidly growing, and access is completely free. 

But, of course, The Linguist List needs funding to maintain its free 
services. We have (and need!) a staff of 10 graduate students, 7 of 
whom are funded wholly or in part through your donations. Your 
contributions not only help LINGUIST provide services like the 
Dissertation Abstracts archive, but they also help these 
outstanding students achieve their academic goals. 

So far in our Year 2001 fund drive, we have received $19,776 of the
$40,000 we need to collect--thanks to the generosity of the persons
and institutions whose names appear at the bottom of this page. If you
have not yet contributed, will you please do so now? 

You can donate via our secure credit card form at:

or by sending your check to: 

The LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund
Dept. of English
Eastern Michigan U.
Ypsilanti, MI 
USA 48197

Or you can simply hit "Reply" and send us your pledge by email, 
prior to sending your check. Then we will be able to list you 
immediately as one of our donors; and we may be able to reach 
our goal (and halt these Fund Drive messages) a bit earlier. 

As a 501(c)3 organization, LINGUIST qualifies for corporate
donation-matching programs; and, of course, your donation is tax

And remember, if your donation is $25 or over, you get a LINGUIST
T-shirt! For larger amounts, you may qualify for a long-sleeved shirt
or a sweatshirt. And new this year are baby T-shirts, size 2-4
years. For styles, prices, and photos go to: .

Don't forget to let us know your mailing address and what style and
size you would like!

And don't forget to find the "Singing Pig" on the LINGUIST Home Page and
click for our sophisticated production, "The LINGUIST Fund Drive

Thanks for your continued support of LINGUIST,


Anthony, Andrew, Helen, John, Terry, Simin, Karen, Lydia, Naomi,
James, Michael, Ljuba, Jody, Marie, Gayathri, and Heather

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