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Sun Mar 25 2001

Confs: Northwest Linguistics Conference

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  1. NWLC Committee, General Ling: Northwest Linguistics Conference

Message 1: General Ling: Northwest Linguistics Conference

Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2001 17:09:04 -0800
From: NWLC Committee <>
Subject: General Ling: Northwest Linguistics Conference


The NWLC is an annual student-run conference which alternates between four 
universities of the Pacific Northwest: Simon Fraser University, the 
University of Washington, the University of Victoria, and the University of 
British Columbia. This year's conference will be held at the University of 
British Columbia (UBC), Vancouver, BC on April 7-8, 2001.

Location: Graduate Student Centre, 6371 Crescent Road, UBC,
Vancouver, BC.
Keynote speaker: Douglas Pulleyblank, UBC.
For further information, contact:
Proceedings will be published in UBC Working Papers in Linguistics

Saturday, April 7
8:30 Registration
9-9:30 	Reference of Possessive Pronouns and Possessor Raising in
		Yumiko Nakamura, University of British Columbia
9:30-10:00 The Spanish reflexive 'se': A computational implementation
		Randy Sharp, University of British Columbia
10:00-10:30 When Does Passive Mean Causative?
		Jaeshil Kim, University of California, Irvine
10:30-11:00 Tense Interpretation in Korean
		Kyung-Sook Chung, Simon Fraser University

11:00-11:15 BREAK

11:15-11:45 Perception of Cantonese tones by Canadian-Cantonese
		Connie Kwok Lai So, Simon Fraser University
11:45-12:15 Perception of English vowels by Japanese listeners
		Geoffrey Stewart Morrison, Simon Fraser University
12:15-12:45 Analysis of the Argumentative effect of evaluative
 semantics in natural language
		Serguei Gavenko, Moscow State University

12:45-2:00	LUNCH

2:00-2:30 Fundamental frequency of English words in sentences produced
 by non-native female speakers in noise
		Herman Li, Simon Fraser University
2:30-3:00 Phonation type, F0 and tone in South Kyengsang Korean
		Sunyoung Oh, University of British Columbia
3:00-3:30 Acquisition of English fricatives by Korean L2 speakers of
		English: Durational aspect
		Sun-Kwang Bae, Simon Fraser University

3:30-3:40	BREAK

3:40-4:10	A systemic functional approach towards the analysis of
		online discussions
		Lynn Yu Luo, University of British Columbia
4:10-4:40	Linguistics in the labor market: The case of Mexico
		Manuel Comacho, Autonomous University of Tlaxcala
4:40-5:10	TEFL Perspectives on Adult Second Language Learning,
		Identity, and Change over Time
		Gilmour Jope, University of British Columbia
5:10-5:40	Exploratory Study on Summary Writing Processes and Strategies
		Luxin Yang, University of British Columbia

5:40-5:45	BREAK

5:45-6:45	Keynote speaker DOUGLAS PULLEYBLANK (Title TBA)

Sunday, April 8

8:30		Registration
9:00-9:30	Correlation study of French Vowel Contrasts and Music
		Perception across two levels of Language Proficiency
		Caroline Morgan-Carter, Simon Fraser University
9:30-10:00	Visual perception of lip configuration in speech
		Kyoung-Ja Lee, Simon Fraser University
10:00-10:30 Modeling confidence in speech perception and word
		Gabe Webster, University of Washington

10:30-10:45	BREAK

10:45-11:15 Unselected objects in Chinese: An enriched
		compositional analysis
		Ren Zhang, York University
11:15-11:45 Type-shifting and scrambling in Dutch and Korean
		Hong-Ki Sohng, University of Washington
11:45-12:15 NPIs in Vietnamese in comparative perspectives
		Tran Thuan, Harvard University

12:15-1:30 	LUNCH

1:30-2:00	Nasalization in M�b�
		Ol�di�p� Aj�b�y�, University of British Columbia
2:00-2:30	Aspects of the tonal system in Munduruk�
		Gessiane Picanco, University of British Columbia
2:30-3:00	The frequency of gemination in Japanese loanwords
		Setsuko Shirai, University of Washington

3:00-3:15	BREAK

3:15-3:45	Definiteness and free word order in Russian
		Ilana Mezhevich, University of Calgary
3:45-4:15	A minimalist representation of Persian verbal morphology
		Sima Sharifi, Simon Fraser University
4:15-4:45	Reconsidering the copula in Upper Chehalis
		Scott Shank, University of British Columbia

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