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Mon Mar 26 2001

Books: Acknowledgment of book reviews in 2000

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  1. linguistlist reviews, acknowledgment of book reviews during the calendar year 2000

Message 1: acknowledgment of book reviews during the calendar year 2000

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2001 00:41:09 -0500 (EST)
From: linguistlist reviews <>
Subject: acknowledgment of book reviews during the calendar year 2000

We wish to thank the reviewers listed below whose reviews were posted
during calendar year 2000 on the LINGUIST list.

Issue	Reviewer		Book
-----	--------		----
11.1509	Antrim, Nancy Mae	Second Language Acquisition and Linguistic
11.2024	Avgustinova, Tania	Learnability in Optimality Theory
11.1984	Ayoun, Dalila		New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning
Modern Languages
11.2074	Bartens, Angela		Gender, Literacy, and Life Chances in
Sub-Saharan Africa
11.2075	Bartens, Angela		Language, A Right and Resource: Approaching
Linguistic Human Rights
11.59	Belyayeva, Dina		The Origins of Grammar: Evidence from Early
Language Comprehension
11.2400	Binnick, Robert I.	Passe et Parfait
11.1410	Bonham, Ron		Conversation Analysis
11.2711	Callahan, Laura		At War with Diversity: US Language Policy in an
Age of Anxiety
11.57	Carnie, Andrew		Language Form and Language Function
11.290	Carrasquel, Jose	Government and Codeswitching: Explaining
American Finnish
11.1317	Cruz-Ferreira, Madalena	The Emergence of the Speech Capacity
11.2640	Daniliuc, Radu&Laura	A Reference Grammar of Dutch: With
Exercises and Key
11.2288	Daniliuc, Radu&Laura	Clitic Phenomena in European Languages
11.485	Daniliuc, Radu&Laura	Syntax: Structure, Meaning and Function
11.2540	Daniliuc, Radu&Laura	The Syntactic Process
11.2537	Dash, Niladri Sekhar	Multilingual Corpora in Teaching and
11.1943	Dedaic, Mirjana N.	Community and Communication: The Role of
Language in Nation State Building and European Integration
11.87	Deterding, David	The Phonology of English: A Prosodic
Optimality-Theoretic Approach
11.2746	Dobronravin, Nikolai A.	A Computational Theory of Writing Systems
11.1511	Geurts, Bart		How Children Learn the Meanings of Words
11.2677	Glowacka, Dorota	On Ghost Vowels: A Strict CV Approach
11.286	Grieve-Smith, Angus	The Rise and Fall of Languages
11.1906	Hall-Lew, Lauren	Communicating Gender
11.1318	Harley, Heidi		Definitions: Implications for Semantics, Syntax
and the Language of Thought
11.484	Haugen, Jason		Rhyme and Reason: An Introduction to Minimalist
11.1412	Kearns, Kate		Collocational and Idiomatic Aspects of
Composite Predicates in the History of English
11.1942	Knoerr, Helene		A Parents' and Teachers' Guide to Bilingualism
11.2	Latecka, Ewa		Dialectology, 2nd ed.
11.86	Lavelli, Alberto	Extended Finite State Models of Language
11.1411	Lawler, John		MonoConc Pro Concordance Software, Version 2.0
11.1413	Le, Elisabeth		Discourse in Late Modernity: Rethinking
Critical Discourse Analysis
11.3	Lotfi, Ahmad Reza	Functionalism and Formalism in
Linguistics: Vol. I, General Papers; Vol. II, Case Studies
11.1414	Lotfi, Ahmad Reza	Stimulated Recall Methodology in Second
Language Research
11.2175	Maalej, Zouhair		Gesture, Speech and Sign
11.1672	Maalej, Zouhair		Language and Space
11.58	Milambiling, Joyce	Concise Encyclopedia of Educational
11.1510	Moss, Michael		Syntactic Structures Revisited: Contemporary
Lectures on Classic Transformational Theory
11.2538	Mukherjee, Dipika	The Sociopolitics of English Language
11.1905	Mukherjee, Joybrato	Corpora Galore: Analyses and Techniques in
Describing English
11.2729	Mukherjee, Joybrato	On the Move: The Mobility of Constituents
in the English Noun Phrase - A Multi-method Approach
11.1213	Murphy, Lynne		Contrastive Lexical Semantics
11.2325	Naude, J. A.		Translation in the Global Village
11.1985	Piller, Ingrid		Foreign Language and Mother Tongue
11.2137	Sakamoto, Mitsuyo	The Care and Education of Young
Bilinguals. An Introduction for Professionals
11.1813	Sandstrom, Gorel	Semantics, Tense, and Time: An Essay in
the Metaphysics of Natural Language
11.487	Schiller, Niels		Language and the Brain
11.1598	Sheen, Ronald		Focus on Form in Classroom Second Language
11.2519	Sheen, Ronald		Second and Foreign Language Learning through
Classroom Interaction
11.2023	Strazny, Philipp	Natural Language Processing and Knowledge
11.1415	Tacelosky, Kathleen	Linguistic Genocide in Education Or
Worldwide Diversity and Human Rights?
11.1814	Taiffalo Chiung, Wi-yun	Modern Chinese: History and
11.2317	Tavano, Alessandro	Discourse, Beliefs and Intention. Semantic
Defaults and Propositional Attitude Ascription
11.2539	ten Hacken, Pius	Chomsky: Ideas and Ideals
11.2318	ten Hacken, Pius	The Syntax of American Sign Language:
Functional Categories and Hierarchical Structure
11.2319	Vasishth, Shravan	Theory of Language
11.2289	Walker, Jim		Community and Communication: The Role of Language
in Nation State Building and European Integration
11.486	Walker, Jim		Language and Society

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