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Wed Mar 28 2001

Qs: Lang of Youth Subculture, Journal/Formal Syntax

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  1. Marcin Lewandowski, Languages of subcultures
  2. FABRNI, Formal Syntax

Message 1: Languages of subcultures

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 00:59:03 +0200
From: Marcin Lewandowski <>
Subject: Languages of subcultures

Dear Colleagues,

I'm looking for internationally acclaimed studies on the languages of
subcultures (preferably, youth subcultures), especially the ones that have
pioneered this field, such as that of the Calcutta underworld. I promise to
post a summary. Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

Marcin Lewandowski
Adam Mickiewicz University
Poznan, Poland
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Message 2: Formal Syntax

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 13:26:52 EST
From: FABRNI <>
Subject: Formal Syntax

I see in Robert Berwick's homepage bibliography ( MIT's BCS department,
that there is a mention to a paper by RB, published in an issue of FORMAL 
SYNTAX, a journal which I do not know and is not mentioned on the LINGUIST 
Journal & newsletter page. Could you possibly find a website for this 
journal? Thanks you very much.
Dr F. Nicol, assistant professor, University of Paris.
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