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  1. linguistlist reviews, Available for review

Message 1: Available for review

Date: Wed, 28 Mar 2001 14:29:55 -0500 (EST)
From: linguistlist reviews <>
Subject: Available for review

The following books are available for review. If you are
interested in reviewing any of these books, please contact
Simin Karimi at:

When asking to review a book, please include the following
in your message:
(1) The title of the book you wish to review. If you are
interested in more than one book, list them in rank order
of preference.
(2) Your full name and highest academic degree received.
(3) Your current affiliation if any.
(4) A short description of your research interests.
(5) A postal address to which you wish the book to be

Do NOT include an electronic CV or a URL for your
personal web page. These WILL be ignored.

If you are selected to review a book, we will mail you a
copy along with further instructions. Reviews must be
completed within 6 weeks of receipt of the book or the book
must be returned.

* The following books were previously announced. *
* We still have a copy available for review. *

Campbell, Lyle, 1997, American Indian Languages: The
Historical Linguistics of Native America, Oxford University
Press, paperback, xiv+512 pp., ISBN: 0-19-509427-1, $35.00.

Carnie, Andrew, and Guilfoyle, Eithne, ed. (2000) The
Syntax of Verb Initial Languages, Oxford University Press,
hardback, 256 pp., ISBN: 0-19-513222-X, $45.00.

Carstairs-McCarthy, Andrew (1999) The Origins of Complex
Language: An Inquiry into the Evolutionary Beginnings of
Sentences, Syllables, and Truth, Oxford University Press,
$19.95, ISBN: 0-19-823821-5, xi+260 pp.

Chiat, Shula (2000) Understanding Children with Language
Problems, Cambridge University Press, ISBN: 0-521-57386-6,
xii+286 pp.

Dekkers, Joost; Leeuw, Frank van der; and Weijer, Jeroen
van de, ed. (2000) Optimality Theory: Phonology, Syntax,
and Acquisition, Oxford University Press, paperback, x+635
pp., ISBN: 0-19-823844-4, $45.00.

Fishman, Joshua A., ed. (1999) Handbook of Language and
Ethnic Identity, Oxford University Press, hardback, xii+468
pp., ISBN: 0-19-512428-6, $65.00.

Horn, Laurence R., and Kato, Yasuhiko, ed. (2000) Negation
and Polarity: Syntactic and Semantic Perspectives, Oxford
University Press, ISBN: 0-19-823874-6, ix+271 pp.

Kristoffersen, Gjert (2000) The Phonology of Norwegian,
Oxford University Press, hardback, xv+366 pp., ISBN: 0-19-
823765-0, $99.00.

Mateus, Maria Helena, and d'Andrade, Ernesto (2000) The
Phonology of Portuguese, Oxford University Press, hardback,
x+162 pp., ISBN: 0-19-823581-X, $74.00.

McMahon, April (2000) Change, Chance and Optimality, Oxford
University Press, hardback, x+201 pp., ISBN: 0-19-824124-0,

Moss, Howard, and Motta, Vanna (2000) Using Italian
Synonyms, Cambridge University Press, $85.00, ISBN: 0-521-
47506-6, 724 pp.

Nelson, Keith; Aksu-Ko�, Ayhan; and Johnson, Carolyn, ed.
(2001) Children's Language, Volume 10: Developing Narrative
and Discourse Competence, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,
$$22.50, ISBN: 0-8058-3293-9, xx+175 pp.

Nelson, Keith; Aksu-Ko�, Ayhan; and Johnson, Carolyn, ed.
(2001) Children's Language, Volume 11: Interactional
Contributions to Language Development, Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, $27.50, ISBN: 0-8058-3292-0, xix+241 pp.

Rissanen, Matti; Ihalainen, Ossi; Nevalainen, Terttu; and
Taavitsainen, Irma, ed. (1992) History of Englishes: New
Methods and Interpretations in Historical Linguistics,
Walter de Gruyter, hardback, xi+799 pp., ISBN: 3-11-013216-
8, DM363.00.

Sipt�r, P�ter, and T�rkenczy, Mikl�s (2000) The Phonology of
Hungarian, Oxford University Press, hardback, xiv+319 pp.,
ISBN: 0-19-823841-X, $99.00.

Turrell, M. Teresa, ed. (2001) Multilingualism in Spain,
Multilingual Matters, hardback, xv+389 pp., ISBN: 1-85359-

* The following books are announced for the first time. *

Ager, Dennis (2001) Motivation in Language Planning and
Language Policy, Multilingual Matters, paperback, vi+210
pp., ISBN: 1-85359-528-4.

Allan, Keith (2001) Natural Language Semantics, Blackwell
Publishers, paperback, xix+529 pp., ISBN: 0-631-19297-2,
$29.95. (Hardback ISBN: 0-631-19296-4, $64.95.)

Apresjan, Juri (2000) Systematic Lexicography, Oxford
University Press, hardback, xviii+304 pp., ISBN: 0-19-
823780-4, $99.00.

Barbour, Stephen, and Carmichael, Cathie, ed. (2000)
Language and Nationalism in Europe, Oxford University
Press, hardback, xi+319 pp., ISBN: 0-19-823671-9, $70.00.

Belcher, Diane, ed. (2001) Reflections on Multiliterate
Lives, Multilingual Matters, paperback, vii+211 pp., ISBN:
1-85359-521-7, GBP19.95.

Benesch, Sarah (2001) Critical English for Academic
Purposes: Theory, Politics, and Practice, Lawrence Erlbaum
Associates, xxi+161 pp., ISBN: 0-8058-3434-6, $18.50.

B�rjars, Kersti, and Burridge, Kate (2001) Introducing
English Grammar, Arnold Publishers, hardback, xiii+311 pp.,
ISBN: 0-340-69172-7, $65.00.

Collins, Paul (2001) Community Writing: Researching Social
Issues through Composition, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,
paperback, xix+191 pp., ISBN: 0-8058-3834-1, $24.50.

Connor, Steven (2000) Dumbstruck: A Cultural History of
Ventriloquism, Oxford University Press, viii+449 pp., ISBN:
0-19-818433-6, $35.00.

Costa, Jo�o, ed. (2000) Portuguese Syntax: New Comparative
Studies, Oxford University Press, hardback, 304 pp., ISBN:
0-19-512575-4, $65.00.

Culicover, Peter W., and Postal, Paul M., ed. (2001)
Parasitic Gaps, MIT Press, hardback, ix+447 pp., ISBN: 0-
262-03284-8, $55.00.

Deutscher, Guy (2000) Syntactic Change in Akkadian: The
Evolution of Sentential Complementation, Oxford University
Press, hardback, xv+204 pp., ISBN: 0-19-829988-5, $70.00.

Duanmu, San (2000) The Phonology of Standard Chinese,
Oxford University Press, hardback, xv+300 pp., ISBN: 0-19-
829987-7, $74.00.

Extra, Guus, and Gorter, Durk (2001) The Other Languages of
Europe, Multilingual Matters, paperback, x+454 pp., ISBN:

Fukui, Naoki, ed. (2000) Syntax and Meaning: S. I. Harada
Collected Works, Taishukan Publishing Co. Ltd., hardback,
iii+843 pp., ISBN: 4-469-21261-X, $93.00.

Gao, Mobo C. F. (2000) Mandarin Chinese: An Introduction,
Oxford University Press, paperback, xiv+226 pp., ISBN: 0-
19-554002-6, $19.95.

Huang, Yan (2000) Anaphora: A Cross-linguistic Study,
Oxford University Press, hardback, xv+396 pp., ISBN: 0-19-
823529-1, $85.00.

Hunston, Susan, and Thompson, Geoff, ed. (2001) Evaluation
in Text: Authorial Stance and the Construction of
Discourse, Oxford University Press, paperback, xii+225 pp.,
ISBN: 0-19-829986-9, $24.95.

Kayne, Richard S. (2000) Parameters and Universals, Oxford
University Press, hardback, xiv+369 pp., ISBN: 0-19-510235-
5, $55.00.

King, Kendall A. (2001) Language Revitalization Processes
and Prospects: Quichua in the Ecuadorian Andes,
Multilingual Matters, paperback, xii+258 pp., ISBN: 1-

Livia, Anna (2001) Pronoun Envy: Literary Uses of
Linguistic Gender, Oxford University Press, hardback, x+237
pp., ISBN: 0-19-513852-X, $49.95.

Melamed, I. Dan (2001) Empirical Methods for Exploiting
Parallel Texts, MIT Press, hardback, xi+195 pp., ISBN: 0-
262-13380-6, $32.95.

Nicol, Janet, ed. (2001) One Mind, Two Languages: Bilingual
Language Processing, Blackwell Publishers, paperback,
xii+219 pp., ISBN: 0-631-22098-4, $34.95.

Romaine, Suzanne (2000) Language in Society: An
Introduction to Sociolinguistics, Oxford University Press,
paperback, xiii+268 pp., ISBN: 0-19-873192-2, $11.95.

Siegel, Jeff, ed. (2000) Processes of Language Contact:
Studies from Australia and the South Pacific, Fides
(University of Montreal Press), paperback, xi+326, ISBN: 2-

Singh, Ishtla (2000) Pidgins and Creoles: An Introduction,
Arnold Publishers, hardback, xv+142 pp., ISBN: 0-340-70094-
7, $65.00.

Singleton, David (2000) Language and the Lexicon: An
Introduction, Arnold Publishers, hardback, xii+244 pp.,
ISBN: 0-340-73173-7.

Stump, Gregory T. (2001) Inflectional Morphology: A Theory
of Paradigm Structure, Cambridge University Press,
hardback, xvi+308 pp., ISBN: 0-521-78047-0.

Tulpule, S. G., and Feldhaus, Anne (2000) A Dictionary of
Old Marathi, Oxford University Press, hardback, xlvii+807
pp., ISBN: 0-19-512600-9, $70.00.

Verhoeven, Ludo, and Snow, Catherine, ed. (2001) Literacy
and Motivation: Reading Engagement in Individuals and
Groups, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, paperback, vii+326
pp., ISBN: 0-8059-3194-0, $36.00.

Wiese, Richard (2000) The Phonology of German, Oxford
University Press, paperback, x+358 pp., ISBN: 0-19-829950-
8, $35.00.

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