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Tue Jan 16 2001

Qs: Gender Differences/Non-verbal, Relative Clauses

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  1. Michal Lisecki, Gender Differences in Non-verbal Communication
  2. Jo, Relative Clauses

Message 1: Gender Differences in Non-verbal Communication

Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2001 16:40:34 +0100
From: Michal Lisecki <>
Subject: Gender Differences in Non-verbal Communication

Dear Linguist List subscribers,

I've been trying to gather materials for a paper on non-verbal
language use by different sexes. Although I am going to concentrate
in the paper mainly on the Internet communication (any communication
systems within the medium) I would be interested in any hints on the
latest writings/findings in the field. 

I find it very hard to access both the specific materials that I have
the references for, as well as the materials themselves in Poland. I
managed to track down some conference materials, however, it is
impossible to get them in any Polish libraries. 

Before setting off for the any inter-library loan systems which take
a lot of time to get the desired materials I thought perhaps some of
you could point me to any other internet-based sources of the
writings on the subject of gender differences in non-verbal language
use (esp. the case of online communication).
Perhaps somebody knows of any access to an electronic version of the
following works or perhaps of a way I could contact the author(s):

Epstein, C. F. (1986) Symbolic segregation: Similarities and
differences in the language and non-verbal communication of women and
men. Sociological Forum, 1(1): 27-49

Ivy, D. K. and Backlund, P. (1994) Exploring GenderSpeak: Personal
effectiveness in gender communication. New York: McGraw-Hill

Kramarae, C. and Taylor, J. (1993) Women and men on electronic
networks: a conversation or a monologue? In _Women, Information
Technology, and Scholarship_, 52-61. Urbana, IL: Center for Advanced
Study, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Any issues of _Computers in Human Behavior_, best accessible online.

Should anybody be interested in the subject I can share the
references/bibliography on the subject or post it to the list if
there is a considerable interest in it.

Thank you for any help,

Michal Lisecki [lisu] <magura AT>
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Message 2: Relative Clauses

Date: Mon, 15 Jan 2001 12:13:12 +0000 (GMT Standard Time)
From: Jo <>
Subject: Relative Clauses

I am working on the syntax of English Relative Clauses and was wondering
if there are languages in which relative clauses have the word order
'which the book..' rather than 'the book which...', which occurs in
English. Does anyone know of any?

Joanne Close

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