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Thu Apr 5 2001

TOC: The Slavonic Antiquity

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  1. Sergei V. Rjabchikov, The Slavonic Antiquity, New Article

Message 1: The Slavonic Antiquity, New Article

Date: Tue, 03 Apr 2001 06:33:08
From: Sergei V. Rjabchikov <>
Subject: The Slavonic Antiquity, New Article

A new article -- The Interpretation of Scythian Inscriptions -- by Sergei V. 
Rjabchikov was added to "THE SLAVONIC ANTIQUITY" Home Page:

Contents of the homepage:

The First Russian Cyrillic Inscription

The Scythians, Sarmatians, Meotians, Russians and Circassians: 
Interpretation of the Ancient Cultures

The Proto-Palestinian, Proto-Sinaian and Proto-Byblian Inscriptions: A 
Slavonic Key

The Interpretation of the Western Slavonic Inscriptions

The Scythian Model of the Universe

A Saka (Scythian) Record Reads in Slavonic

The Interpretation of the Ancient Slavonic Records

The Interpretation of the Rivers' Names Laba and Kuban

The Interpretation of the Several Graffiti on the Coins of the Petershof 

The Interpretation of a Text from Polotsk

The Scythian Calendar on a Panticapean Coin

The Interpretation of the Etruscan Calendar

On the Slavonic Origin of Greek Kentauros

The Interpretation of Three Ancient Russian Texts

The Interpretation of the Scythian Name Oktamasados

On Two Sindian-Etruscan Parallels

On the Slavonic Origin of Greek Gorgon Medusa and Minotauros

The Interpretation of an Ancient Tmutarakan' Text

The Sarmatian-Russian Quasi-Bilingual Source

The Interpretation of a Sarmatian Text

On a Coin from the Ancient Russian Town Tomi (Tamatarha)

On the Inscription on the Tmutarakan' Amphora in the Krasnodar 
Historical-Archaeological Museum

The Interpretation of the Signs Inscribed on the Fragment of a Tmutarakan' 
(Tamatarha) Vessel

On the Semantics of Some Sarmatian and Scythian Artifacts

The Interpretation of a Scythian Motif: The Fairytale Character Koshchei 

The Proto-Slavonic Record on the Fragment of a Vessel from the Taman' 
Archaeological Museum

The Preliminary Report on the Decipherment of the Proto-Slavonic Writing 

The Interpretation of Scythian Inscriptions

New articles will be added soon!

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