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Mon Apr 15 2002

All: Andrew Carnie Steps Down as Moderator

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  1. linguist, Thanks, and best wishes, AC!

Message 1: Thanks, and best wishes, AC!

Date: 15 Apr 2002 17:56:31 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Thanks, and best wishes, AC!

Dear All,

Those of you who read the header on this message (surely ALL of you
do...) will have noticed that Andrew Carnie has stepped down as
moderator of the Linguist List. After six years of tireless service,
first as review editor, then as moderator, Andrew has decided that he
needs to give more time to his research. Understandable as this is,
we are going to miss him, very much indeed.

Andrew has remarkable energy and creativity. It was Andrew who first
saw the potential importance of book-reviewing on Linguist, and who
first made the review process into a professional operation. And it
was Andrew's foresight that prompted the arrangement with Blackwell
Publishers that has resulted in Linguist List Plus. We will miss his
helpfulness to the student editors (they say--exaggerating, of
course!--that he's the only moderator who actually answers their
email). We will miss his writing ability and the sharpness of his
mind: it was often he who first answered difficult questions from
disconcerted subscribers. Both staff and readers could always count
on him to cut through to the core of any complex issue and to present
the Linguist position with clarity and force.
Policy is always a difficult thing in running a list like LINGUIST.
We want so much to make the interchange on the list as free as
possible; but at the same time we need to maintain collegiality and
focus. Andrew has a wonderful ability to see issues clearly, and dealt
with the thorniest problems with integrity and professionalism. We
will miss his courage and consistency in enforcing policy, and his
thoughtfulness in making it.

But really, what it all comes down to is simply this: we are so very
grateful to him for his six years of service to LINGUIST and to the
discipline. Like all the faculty associated with LINGUIST, he gave
his time without any compensation.

We wish Andrew all the best. We wish him farewell with one
substantial consolation: he has agreed to continue in an advisory
capacity, as a Consulting Editor.

The LINGUIST Crew: Helen, Anthony, Terry, Simin, Karen, Ljuba,
Michael, Naomi, Gayathri, Richard, Karolina, Heather, Dina, Tomoko,
Marie, Renee, James, Zhen-wei, Steve
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