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Fri Jan 18 2002

Qs: Motherese on Web, Non-Indoeuropean Lang Samples

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  1. Sharon Peperkamp, Motherese on the web
  2. Wolfgang Schulze, Non-Indoeuropian language audio samples

Message 1: Motherese on the web

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 14:05:17 +0100
From: Sharon Peperkamp <>
Subject: Motherese on the web

I am looking for motherese/infant-directed-speech samples in various
languages that can be downloaded from the web or that researchers are
willing to share with me.

I was only able to find the English recordings of parents interacting with
their children at Washington University (

Ideally, the audio files I'm looking for contain just
motherese/infant-directed speech, for instance by adults reading
stories to infants.

I am aware of the fact that the same question was posted to this list in
March 2001 by Christian Schmeer, but when I tried to contacted him his
e-mail address appeared not to be working anymore.

Thanks for your help,
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Message 2: Non-Indoeuropian language audio samples

Date: Fri, 18 Jan 2002 12:54:57 +0100
From: Wolfgang Schulze <>
Subject: Non-Indoeuropian language audio samples

Dear Colleagues,

Currently I try to collect a significant number of links that refer to
audio files sampling spoken text of *non-Indoeuropian* languages. So,
just in case you know of such a link (that features more than simply
the pronouncation of a couple of sample words), please let me know. In
the near future, I will make accessible the links to the public on a
seperate web page the URL of which I will post as a summary on

Many thanks in advance,

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schulze
Institute for General Linguistics and Language Typology
[Institut fuer Allgemeine und Typologische Sprachwissenschaft]
Departement II (Kommunikation und Sprachen [communication and languages] F 13/14
Universitaet M�nchen - Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1 - D-80539 M�nchen
Fax: ++49-(0)89-2180 5345

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