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Mon Apr 29 2002

All: Free prize draw, thanks to Cascadilla Press

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  1. linguist, Free prize draw! - courtesy of Cascadilla Press

Message 1: Free prize draw! - courtesy of Cascadilla Press

Date: 29 Apr 2002 06:01:25 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Free prize draw! - courtesy of Cascadilla Press

Dear Subscribers,

We're nearly there! We only need to raise another $2,000 to meet this
year's fund drive target of $48,000. Everyone who has contributed is
listed at the end of this issue; we thank you all very much.

To help us reach our target, our generous friends at Cascadilla Press
have organized a prize draw! This has been arranged especially for
for individuals who have donated to LINGUIST this year. To learn more
about it, we'll pass you over to Michael Bernstein of Cascadilla

Do you need one more incentive to donate to the Linguist List?
Cascadilla Press will draw 3 names of this year's fund drive donors at
random to receive a free copy of Magnetic Phonetics 2, our fun set of
IPA magnets ( If your name is
drawn and you already own a set, you can choose to have us send the
free set to a friend or colleague.

This should be the least important reason to donate to the Linguist
List -- the services they provide are incredibly important to the
linguistics community and deserve everyone's support. But if offering
a chance for a free copy of Magnetic Phonetics 2 will tip the scales
for a few more of you and convince you to donate even a small amount,
we're happy to provide that incentive.

To keep the government happy, we have to offer a free way to enter
this drawing with no purchase or donation necessary. So, if you would
like us to add your name to the drawing, send an e-mail before
5/5/2002 with your e-mail address in the message to and we will add
your name to the drawing. There may be more than 3 winners; at least
3 donors will win. The prize is a free gift from Cascadilla Press in
thanks for supporting the Linguist List and does not affect the tax
status of your donation. Only one entry is allowed per person, and
only individuals are eligible. We will only send e-mail to the
winners; your name and e-mail address will NOT be entered onto our
regular mailing list. Furthermore, if you requested anonymity, we
will know you only as an ID number; if a number is drawn, we will ask
LINGUIST to notify the winner.

If you have questions about the drawing, please write to And please donate to the Linguist List!

 Michael Bernstein
 Cascadilla Press

Cascadilla Press is an independent scholarly press located near
Boston, and has supported the Linguist List with contributions
for many years. In addition, before the Linguist List had a web
site, Cascadilla Press distributed reference cards telling people
how to subscribe to the Linguist List. From 1996 through 1999,
Cascadilla Press processed credit card donations for the Linguist
List during fund drives.


So if you have not donated yet, here is a great reason. Please go to to send us your pledge. From
there you have the choice of donating straight away by credit card
using our secure form, or you can send us a cheque later. If you do
send a cheque, please make it payable in US dollars; we get charged
about $50 a time (sic!) to convert currency (no such problems with a
credit card).

Alternatively, you can hit "Reply" to this message and send us your
pledge right now by email, prior to sending your cheque. Then we will
be able to list you immediately as one of our donors; and we may be
able to reach our goal (and halt these Fund Drive messages) a bit
earlier. The address to send cheques is as follows:

The LINGUIST Editorial Support Fund
c/o Helen Aristar-Dry
Dept. of English
Eastern Michigan University
Ypsilanti, MI 
USA 48197

As a 501(c)3 organization, LINGUIST qualifies for corporate
donation-matching programs; and, of course, your donation is tax

Cascadilla Press aren't the only ones who want to give you something
in return for you donation. We would too. How about a baby T-shirt,
for a donation of only $25? See them modelled by our little linguists
at We also have adult T-shirts
in several sizes, both long and short-sleeved. Do let us know in your
pledge what you would like and remember to include your mailing

We at LINGUIST really do appreciate your support. We could not
continue without you.

With our sincere thanks,


Anthony, Helen, Andrew, Karen, Naomi, Heather, James, Michael,
Zhen-Wei, Richard, Karolina, Dina, Renee, Steve, Marie, Gayathri,
John, Ljuba, Terry, Simin, Tomoko.


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