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Wed May 1 2002

All: Even easier to donate with our new bank account

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  1. linguist, Donate in different currencies with our new Swiss bank acccount!

Message 1: Donate in different currencies with our new Swiss bank acccount!

Date: 1 May 2002 07:42:27 -0000
From: linguist <>
Subject: Donate in different currencies with our new Swiss bank acccount!

Dear Subscribers,

In case you missed yesterday's announcement, we are posting another
issue to tell you all about our super new European bank account. We
are thrilled to have this, and want to make sure you all know about

Our new account was set up for us by Pius ten Hacken, a member of the
LINGUIST List Advisory board. He has generously devoted a great deal
of time and effort to us in administering this account, and we are
truly grateful to him.

If you want to donate in a currency other than US dollars, but do not
wish to use a credit card, you now can! Our main account imposes such
large fees on currency conversions that a donation could be reduced to
less than half by the time it actually reaches us. But our new Swiss
bank account is considerably more manageable.

So please make bank transfers to:

"Ten Hacken, Pius - The LINGUIST List"
Account nr. 16 415.554.49
Basler Kantonalbank, Clearing Nr. 770, Basel (Switzerland)

You can also send a check to this account, but do contact Pius first
at because there may be differences in
charges depending on the country of origin. Puis will also arrange
transfer forms ("Einzahlungsscheine") for donations from Switzerland;
again, please contact him for one of these.

If you use this account, and we hope you do, please send an email to
both Pius ten Hacken at and to us at to help us in our administration.

If you would like to pay by credit card or by check (in US dollars),
please go to If this address
causes problems, please try again later. We are in the unfortunate
situtation of having to carry out unexpected and expensive repairs on
our server; a reason why we need your donation all the more.

To all of you who have donated: thank you. We truly appreciate your
generosity, as it is your contributions that enable us to grow and
provide an ever-widening range of services. And you also support the
education of twelve deserving graduate students.

If you have not, please consider making a donation. It's for a good

With our sincere thanks,


Anthony, Helen, Andrew, Karen, Naomi, Heather, James, Michael,
Zhen-Wei, Richard, Karolina, Dina, Renee, Steve, Marie, Gayathri,
John, Ljuba, Terry, Simin, Tomoko.
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