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Mon Jan 21 2002

Qs: "sollen", Concordance Software for Japanese

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  1. Raija Solatie, "sollen"
  2. Noel Hunt, Concordance software for Japanese

Message 1: "sollen"

Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 19:34:25 +0200
From: Raija Solatie <>
Subject: "sollen"

Hi my colleagues,

As far as I know, there exist six modal verbs in German : duerfen,
koennen, moegen, muessen, sollen, wollen. I would like to do research
on the verb "sollen" in semantic framework. I am specially interested
in semantic fields of this verb, and I have the feeling that they are
much wider than it has been shown until these days.

So, I would like to know if there has been done some research on this
verb, also related to the other modal verbs in German.

Thank you in advance

Raija Solatie

Mme Raija Solatie
Kaskihara 20
02340 Espoo 
t�l : +358-9-8136989
courriel :
pages web :
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Message 2: Concordance software for Japanese

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 17:36:34 +0900
From: Noel Hunt <nhuntlehman.COM>
Subject: Concordance software for Japanese

Would anyone have some reference for concordance software
for Japanese? I am asking this on behalf of a friend from
the University of Sydney who would like some such software
for Japanese textual analysis.

Noel Hunt
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