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TOC: Studies in Language, Vol.25 No.2

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  1. paul, New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:2 2001

Message 1: New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:2 2001

Date: Thu, 09 May 2002 15:58:35 +0000
From: paul <>
Subject: New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:2 2001

Subject: Studies in Language 25:2 2001

Publisher: John Benjamins		
Journal Title: Studies in Language
Volume Number: 25
Issue Number: 2
Issue Date: 2001
Studies in Language 25:2 (2001)

Ashlee C. Bailey 
On the non-existence of blue-yellow and red-green color terms 

Mark Donohue 
Coding choices in argument structure: Austronesian applicatives in texts 

Dirk Noel 
The passive matrices of English infinitival complement clauses: Evidentials
on the road to auxiliarihood? 

Mario Squa
The internal structure of evidentiality in Romance 

Book Reviews

S. M. Braidi: The Acquisition of Second Language Syntax (Sam Featherston)
Sydney Lamb: Pathways of the Brain: The Neurocognitive Basis of Language 
(Sam Featherston) 
Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen: The Function of Discourse Particles. A Study 
with Special Reference to Spoken Standard French (Ad Foolen) 
Helma van den Berg (ed.): Studies in Caucasian Linguistics (Victor A. Friedman)
Stephen Howe: The Personal Pronouns in the Germanic Languages (Michael Cysouw)
Gennady Estraikh: Soviet Yiddish. Language Planning and Linguistic Development
(Yuri Kleiner and Natalia Svetozarova) 
Heinz Giegerich: Lexical Strata in English (Nikolaus Ritt) 
Albrecht Greule: Syntaktisches Verbworterbuch zu den althochdeutschen Texten 
des 9. Jahrhunderts (Orrin W. Robinson) 
Rudolf Ruzicka: Control in Grammar and Pragmatics. A cross-linguistic study 
(John R. te Velde) 

Book Notice 
Mushira Eid and Gregory Iverson (eds.): Principles and Predictions. 
The Analysis of Natural Language. (John Ole Askedal)


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