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TOC: Studies in Language, Vol.25 No.3

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Message 1: New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:3 2001

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Subject: New TOC: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:3 2001

Subject: Table of Contents: Studies in Language 25:3 2001

Publisher: John Benjamins		
Journal Title: Studies in Language
Volume Number: 25
Issue Number: 3
Issue Date: 2001
Studies in Language 25:3 (2001)

In memoriam Professor John Verhaar. This year has turned out to be
rather devastating for us. Once again I must inform you that we have
lost another founding member of our network, FR. JOHN VERHAAR,
SJ. John was a founder and editor of the journal Foundations of
Language, which he later converted into the prime venue for empirical
- typological, functional, discourse, diachronic, cognitive -
linguistics. He got us together with our good publisher, John
Benjamins of Amsterdam, and was prime mover in initiating two of our
book series, Typological Studies in Language (1982--) and SL Companion
Series. It took courage, integrity and foresight on John's part to
have made his deliberate, fateful move towards our network; in
particular given the zeitgeist. Nonetheless, once he made up his mind,
John put all his intellectual resources, conviction and considerable
ingenuity into making it possible for our kind of linguistics to
thrive. John was an inspired, wide-ranging and restless intellectual
explorer, fortified by his three-fold love of and commitment to
serious epistemology, responsible science, and the Mysteries of his
Catholic Faith. As a good neo-Thomist, John strove to integrate these
guide-posts of his life into a coherent perspective. But unlike others
who have attempted this daunting leap, he was patient enough to
recognize that such an integration was a monumental undertaking, not
be attempted rashly. The old Taoist paradox of unity in diversity
seems to have served John as beacon. As a token of friendship and
scholarly respect, John was dedicated a Festschrift at the occasion of
his 70th birthday ( Discourse Grammar and Typology, Amsterdam 1995),
with contributions by authors from all over the world. Above all, John
was a wonderful friend, a generous colleague, a supportive editor, and
a courageous and compassionate human being. We will sorely miss
him. Requiescat In Pacem, gentle soul. Hasta lo que viene. T. Givon

Guy Deutscher 
The rise and fall of a rogue relative construction 

Matthew Gordon 
A typology of contour tone restrictions 

Maj-Britt Mosegaard Hansen 
Syntax in interaction: Form and function of yes/no interrogatives in spoken
standard French 

Gunter Senft 
Frames of spatial reference in Kilivila 

Thomas Stolz and Sabine Gorsemann 
Pronominal possession in Faroese and the parameters of

Natsuko Tsujimura
A constructional approach to stativity in Japanese 

Book Reviews

Susanne Niemeier and Rene Dirven (eds.): Evidence for Linguistic
Relativity (Efurosibina Adegbija) 
Avery D. Andrews & Christopher
D. Manning: Complex Predicates and Information Spreading in LFG (Gosse
Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y.: Classifiers: A typology of noun
categorization devices (Kathleen Connors) 
Hermans, Ben & Van Oostendorp, Marc (eds.): 
The Derivational Residue in Phonological
Optimality Theory [Linguistics Today] (Dirk-Bart den Ouden)
Hombert, Jean-Marie, and Larry M. Hyman (eds.): Bantu Historical
Linguistics (Zygmunt Frajzyngier) 
Petra M. Vogel and Bernard Comrie (eds.): Approaches to the Typology of 
Word Classes (Birgit Gerlach) 
Shula Chiat: Understanding Children with Language Problems (Laura Schulz) 
Bjorg Baekken: Word Order Patterns in Early Modern English, with Special 
Reference to the Position of the Subject and the Finite Verb 
(Wim van der Wurff) 

Book Notices

Christopher Beedham: Language and Parole in Synchronic and
Diachronic Perspective (John Ole Askedal) 
M. J. Ball & J. Rahilly: Phonetics. The Science of Speech (Wouter Jansen) 
Margaret H. Mills: Slavic Gender Linguistics (Natalie Litvinova) 
Borillo, Andrée / Vetters, Carl / Vuillaume, Marcel (eds.): Regards sur
l'aspect (Richard Waltereit) 

Publications Received 2001

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