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Mon May 13 2002

Qs: ASL/Initialization, Latvian Tones

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  1. Katy Watts, Initialization in ASL
  2. Jardar E Abrahamsen, tones in Latvian

Message 1: Initialization in ASL

Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 19:45:56 +0000
From: Katy Watts <>
Subject: Initialization in ASL

Question: is anyone looking at initialization in American Sign
Language? Perhaps as a function of grammaticalization or of
phonological feature constraints, etc. I am beginning my thesis and
have found that this area of research has yet to be published. If
anyone knows of research that is in the works, info would be greatly

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Message 2: tones in Latvian

Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 10:49:56 +0000
From: Jardar E Abrahamsen <>
Subject: tones in Latvian

Does anyone know an autosegmental analysis of the Latvian "stieptâ
intonâcija" (words like brâlis) and "krîtos'â intonâcija" (words
like svârki)?

The first group is reported to have a H tone on the first syllable and
a L tone on the second, whereas the second group has a fall (HL)
already on the first syllable.

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