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Mon Jan 21 2002

Confs: Semantic and Linguistic Theory, San Diego

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  1. Chris Barker, SALT 12 Preliminary Program

Message 1: SALT 12 Preliminary Program

Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 22:44:59 -0800
From: Chris Barker <>
Subject: SALT 12 Preliminary Program

 SALT 12
 Preliminary Program

 March 8--10, 2002 San Diego

 Semantics and Linguistic Theory, co-hosted by
 The University of California, San Diego and San Diego State University

 For a detailed schedule, including abstracts, and more, visit

 Invited Speakers:

 Robyn Carston Cognitive pragmatics and
 unarticulated constituents 
 (University College London)

 Donka Farkas Varieties of Indefinites 
 (UC Santa Cruz)

 Jeff Pelletier [to be announced] (U. of Alberta)

 Roger Schwarzschild The Quantity -- Quality Distinction
 in the Grammar of Measure Phrases (Rutgers)

 Accepted papers:

 Dorit Abusch Lexical alternatives as a source
 of pragmatic presuppositions (Cornell)

 Maria Aloni Topics in Dynamic Semantics
 and Robert van Rooy (ILLC and U. of Amsterdam)

 David I. Beaver Monotonicity and Focus
 and Brady Clark Sensitivity (Stanford)

 Anastasia "Until" crosslinguistically, aspect
 Giannakidou and negation: a novel argument for two "until"s 
 (U. of Chicago and U. of Gronignen)

 Yael Greenberg Two kinds of quantificational
 modalized genericity, and the
 interpretation of bare plural and indefinite
 singular NPs (Bar Ilan U.)

 Christine Gunlogson Declarative Questions (UCLA)

 Pauline Jacobson Direct Compositionality and
 Variable-Free Semantics: the case
 of binding into heads (Brown)

 Jacques Jayez Determiners and (Un)certainty
 and Lucia Tovena (ENS-LSH and U. de Lille III)

 Marcin Morzycki Wholes and their covers (UMass)

 Maribel Romero Focus and Epistemic Implicatures in Yes/No
 and Chung-hye Han Questions (UPenn and Simon Fraser)

 Chung-Chieh Shan A Continuation Semantics that
 accounts for Baker's Ambiguity (Harvard)

 Yael Sharvit Embedded Quantifiers in Which-
 and Whether Questions (UConn)

 Judith Tonhauser A Dynamic Semantic Account of the
 Temporal Interpretation of Noun
 Phrases (Stanford)

 Yoad Winter Functional readings and
 wide-scope indefinites (Technion)

 Esther J. Wood Plurality of events and
 event-phases (UC Berkeley)

 Malte Zimmermann A compositional analysis of
 anti-quantifiers as quantifiers
 (U. of Amsterdam)

 Zsofia Zvolenszky Is a possible-worlds analysis of
 modality possible? A problem for
 Kratzer's two dimensional semantics (NYU)
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