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Thu May 16 2002

Confs: Theoretical and Applied Ling

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  1. Postgraduate Conference, 5th Durham Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Message 1: 5th Durham Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:02:55 +0100
From: Postgraduate Conference <>
Subject: 5th Durham Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Dear Colleagues

We're pleased to announce the programme of the Fifth Durham Postgraduate
Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, which will take place on
Friday 7 - Saturday 8 June 2002. The conference venue is the Pemberton
Building on Palace Green, next to Durham Cathedral (about 20 minutes' walk
from Durham station). The programme includes two plenary workshops, as

Dr. Wynn Chao (School of Oriental and African Studies)
The Syntax of Chinese

Prof. Michael Hoey (University of Liverpool)
Discourse Analysis

Full details of all the other talks and posters are listed at the bottom of
this message, and can also be found on our website:

You can pre-register now, for 6 pounds, until 31 May; after 31 May the price
rises to 8 pounds. Please send a cheque made payable to 'P.L.O.D', to The
Conference Committee, Department of Linguistics, University of Durham, Elvet
Riverside, New Elvet, Durham, DH1 3JT. We are also taking bookings for the
conference dinner on the evening of Friday 7 June. This will be held at a
Thai restaurant in Durham, and the price is 15 pounds, including three
courses and some drinks. If you'd like to join us, please include the money
for this, too, with your pre-registration fee.

We are very grateful for LAGB sponsorship of this conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Durham!

Heather Marsden
Fifth Durham Postgraduate Conference in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Friday 7 June 

Registration: 2-2.30pm

**Session 1: Fri 7 June**

Holger Hopp, Durham
Poverty of the Stimulus in L2 Acquisition: Remnant Scrambling and
Topicalization in the L2 German of English and Japanese learners

Leah Roberts, Essex
The Processing of Ambiguous Sentences by Greek L2 Learners of English

Sharon Unsworth, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics
Young L2 learners and Dutch scrambling

Coffee Break & Poster Session (see below)

Beatriz M. M. de Paiva, Heriot-Watt
Input and the acquisition of pragmatic abilities in a second language:
directives in Portuguese as a second language

Abdurahman A Hamza, Sheffield Hallam
Cross-cultural Linguistic Politeness: Misunderstanding in Interaction
between English and Libyan Arab speakers of English

**Session 2: Fri 7 June**

Suthee Sumdangdej, Durham
Input and the acquisition of syllable structure by L2 school pupils

Kazue Kato, Essex 
Second language phonetic acquisition: perception of English consonant
contrasts by Japanese native speakers

Leendert Plug, York
Phonetic interpretation in a substance-free phonology: A case study

Coffee Break & Poster Session (see below)

Alcazar Asier, USC 
The Correlate between Case Assignment and Verbal Form in Basque

Amel Kallel, Reading
The Age Variable in the Rise of Periphrastic do in English

**Session 3: Fri 7 June**

David Stringer, Durham
Acquisitional evidence against conceptual atomism

Stephanie Pourcel, Durham
'Thinking for Speaking' Revisited

Richard John Harvey & Karolina Owczarzak, Eastern Michigan
The need for CASH: Redefining and developing some underlying assumptions in
truth-conditional semantics

Coffee Break & Poster Session (see below)

Sylvia Amisi, Geneve
Pragmatics and Foreign Language Learning in a Multilingual Context

Christophe Scheidhauer, Paris
The Development of Immersion Teaching within Western European linguistic
Minorities: a preliminary Account focused on Ireland, Wales and Alsace

Conference Dinner at Num Jai (Thai restaurant)

***Saturday 8 June***

**Session 4: Sat 8 June**

Paula Gherasim, Iasi / Geneva
Linguistic Expression of Subjectivity in Discourse

Jill Treasure, Durham
Comparison, time deixis and the discourse marker now in natural talk: an
instance of use in an account of events

Coffee break & Poster Session (see below)

Birgit Hanke, Exeter
Discourse Analysis of Speech in postmodern first-person English, German and
Russian fiction - Topic and Transaction Management

Stavroula-Thaleia Kousta, Cambridge
Pronominalization, Focus of Attention and Local Discourse Coherence: Testing
Centering Theory 

Paula Rubio Fernández, Cambridge
Understanding nominal metaphors: beyond class-inclusion

**Session 5: Sat 8 June**

George Kotzoglou, Reading
ECM in Greek: Towards a control analysis

Ana Luis, Essex 
Analytic predicates in European Portuguese: the case of proclisis

Coffee break & Poster Session (see below)

Reiko Vermeulen, UCL
Multiple nominative constructions in Japanese

Melinda Whong-Barr, Durham
Korean Resultatives: Merge at two levels

Theresa Biberauer, Cambridge
Reconsidering expletives in generative syntax: evidence from Germanic

**Session 6: Sat 8 June**

Limin Jin, Cambridge
Aspect marking in L2 Chinese by English native speakers

Bettina Knipschild, Essex
Aspect in Early English/German Bilingual L1 Acquisition

Coffee break & Poster Session (see below)

Yuet-Wah Lam, Durham
Initial absence of wh-movement in child L2 acquisition of English questions

Yuki Tokumaru, Essex
Cross-lexical interactions in the Japanese-English mental lexicon

Kazumi Yamada, Essex
Null objects in L2 Japanese and issues of the poverty of the stimulus

Lunch break & Poster Session (see below)

**WORKSHOPS: Sat 8 June**
2.30-5.30 (inc. 30 min coffee break)

Workshop 1: Dr Wynn Chao - School for Oriental and African Studies
The Syntax of Chinese


Workshop 2: Prof Michael Hoey - University of Liverpool
Discourse Analysis 

Reception & close 

Michalis Georgiafentis, Reading
The effect of focus on quantifier binding

Hui-ling Lang, Manchester
Dissertation writing: Case study of a Taiwanese postgraduate business
student's literature review

Mo Ai-ping & Jiang Qingfeng, Guangdong Uni
The pragmatics of bridging reference in Chinese discourse

Hitomi Nakata, Reading
Correlations between Musical Aptitude and L2 Phonetic Aptitude in Japanese
by Native Speakers of English

Natsumi Okuwaki, Essex
L1 influence on habitual form-meaning relations in L2 English

Vilelmini Sosonis, Surrey
Investigating Lexical Cohesion: The Case of European Union Texts in English
and Greek 

Eda Ustunel, Newcastle
English Pronunciation of Turkish Learners: A Contrastive Analysis of Word
Stress in Compound Words

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