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  1. Julia Ulrich, Special Offer: International Journal of the Sociology of Language (IJSL)

Message 1: Special Offer: International Journal of the Sociology of Language (IJSL)

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:23:59 +0200
From: Julia Ulrich <>
Subject: Special Offer: International Journal of the Sociology of Language (IJSL)



General Editor: Joshua A. Fishman

SPECIAL PRICE OF EURO 19.95 / sFr 32,- / US$ 19.95

1: The Sociology of Language in Israel, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman, 1985.
2: The American Southwest, ed. by Bernard Spolsky and Garland D. Bills,
3: Language Attitudes I, ed. by Robert L. Cooper, 1985.

4: 'Singles' Issue, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman, 1985.
5: Sociolinguistics in Southeast Asia, Joan Rubin, 1985.
6: Language Attitudes II, ed. by Robert L. Cooper, 1985.

7: Socio-Historical Factors in the Formation of the Creoles, ed. by J.L.
Dillard, 1985.
8: Language and Education in the Third World, ed. by Jack Berry, 1985.
9: The Social Dimension of Dialectology, ed. by Jos� Pedro Rona and
Wolfgang W�lck, 1985.
10: Sociolinguistic Research in Sweden and Finland, ed. by Bengt
11: Language Planning in the United States, ed. by Joan Rubin, 1985.

12: Language Death, ed. by Wolfgang Dressler and Ruth Wodak-Leodolter,
13: 'Singles' Issue, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman, 1985.
14: Bilingual Education, ed. by E. Glyn Lewis, 1985.

15: Belgium, ed. by Albert Verdoodt.
18: 'Singles' Issue, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

19: Romani Sociolinguistics, ed. by Ian F. Hancock.
20: Language Planning and Identity Planning, ed. by Paul Lamy.
21: Dialect and Standard in Highly Industrialized Societies, ed. by
Ulrich Ammon.
22: 'Singles' Issue, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

23: Standardization of Nomenclature, ed. by J.C. Sager.
24: Sociology of Yiddish, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.
25: Language Maintenance and Language Shift, ed. by Robert C. Williamson
and John A. van Eerde.
26: Variance and Invariance in Language Form and Context, ed. by Joshua
A. Fishman.

27: The Sociolinguistics of Deference and Politeness, ed. by Joel
28: Foreigner Talk, ed. by Michael G. Clyne.
29: Regional Languages in France, ed. by Andr�e Tabouret-Keller.
30: The Sociology of Jewish Languages, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.
31: Sociolinguistic Theory, ed. by Haver C. Currie.
32: Unguarded and Monitored Language Behavior, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

33: The Changing Status of Russian in the Soviet Union, ed. by Isabelle
34: Rural and Urban Multilingualism, ed. by Edgar C. Polom�.
35: Register Range and Change, ed. by Jeffrey Ellis and Jean Ure.
36: Australian Aborigines: Sociolinguistic Studies, ed. by Graham R.
37: Sociology of Judezmo. The Language of the Eastern Sephardim, ed. by
Tracy K. Harris.
38: From Conceptualization and Performance to Planning and Maintenance,
ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

40: Language and Mass Media, ed. by Gerhard Leitner.
41: Sociolinguistic Perspective on Israeli Hebrew, ed. by Robert L.
43: Face-to-Face Interaction, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

45: The Decade Past, the Decade to Come (10th Anniversary Issue), ed. by
Joshua A. Fishman.
46: The Dynamics of Speech Accommodation, ed. by Howard Giles.
47: Catalan Sociolinguistics, Mar�a Ros i Garcia and Miquel Strubell i
49: Language and Work 1: Law, Industry, Education, ed. by Hywel Coleman.

50: International Sociolinguistic Perspectives, ed. by Joshua A.

52: Yugoslavia in Sociolinguistic Perspective, ed. by Thomas F. Magner.
53: Language in the Chicano Speech Community, ed. by Adalberto Aguirre,
54: Sociolinguistics in France: Current Research in Urban Settings, ed.
by Andr�e Tabouret-Keller.
55: Sociolinguistics Surveys in South, East, and Southeast Asia, ed. by
Raja Ram Mehrotra.
56: Sociolinguistic Perspective on Theoretical and Applied Issues,
Robert L. Cooper.

57: Sociolinguistic Taxonomics, ed. by Dennis R. Preston.
59: Chinese Language Planning: Perspectives from China and Abroad, ed.
by Bj�rn H. Jernudd.
61: Aspects of Arabic Sociolinguistics, ed. by Bj�rn H. Jernudd and
Muhammad H. Ibrahim.

63: Language in Home, Community, Region, and Nation, ed. by Robert L.
64: The Sociology of Frisian, ed. by Durk Gorter.
65: Language and Humor, ed. by Mahadev L. Apte.
66: The Sociology of Welsh, ed. by Glyn Williams.
67: The Sociology of Jewish Languages, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.
68: New Perspectives on Language Maintenance and Language Shift I, ed.
by James R. Dow.

69: New Perspectives on Language Maintenance and Language Shift II, ed.
by James R. Dow.
70: Language Planning in Ireland, ed. by P�draig � Riag�in.
71: Sociolinguistics and Pidgin-Creole Studies, ed. by John R. Rickford.

72: The Future of Ethnic Languages in Australia, ed. by Anne Pauwels.
73: The Sociolinguistics of Dutch, ed. by Judith Stalpers and Florian
74: Language Planning and Attitudes, ed. by Florian Coulmas.

75: Sociolinguistics in India, ed. by Raja Ram Mehrotra.
76: Italian Sociolinguistics: Trends and Issues, ed. by Elisabetta
Zuanelli Sonino.
77: Bilingual Education and Language Planning in Indigenous Latin
America, ed. by Nancy H. Hornberger.
78: Sociolinguistics in Poland, ed. by Karol Janicki.
79: US Spanish: The Language of Latinos, ed. by Irene Wherritt and
Ofelia Garc�a.
80: Current Issues in Language Planning and Language Education, ed. by
Florian Coulmas.

81: Sociolinguistics in the People's Republic of China, ed. by Chen Yuan
and David F. Marshall.
82: Aspects of Korean Sociolinguistics, ed. by Harald Haarmann and
Juck-Ryoon Hwang.
83: Zur Soziolinguistik des Deutschen / Varieties of German, ed. by
Florian Coulmas.
84: Spanish in the USA: New Quandaries and Prospects, ed. by Florian
85: Caribbean Languages: Lesser-known Varieties, ed. by Velma Pollard.
86: Perspectives on Language Contact and Language Policy, ed. by Florian

87: Sociolinguistics of the Maghreb, ed. by Moha Ennaji.
88: Sociolinguistic Studies in the Philippines, ed. by Bonifacio P.
Sibayan and Andrew B. Gonzalez.
89: Sociolinguistics in Brazil, ed. by F. Gomes de Matos and Stella M.
90: Migrant Languages in Western Europe, ed. by Kees de Bot and Willem
91: Yiddish - The Fifteenth Slavic Language, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.
92: New Perspectives on Linguistic Etiquette, ed. by Florian Coulmas.

93: Language Obsolescence, Shift, and Death in Several Native American
Communities, ed. by Allan R. Taylor.
94: Language, Sex, and Society, ed. by Tove Bull and Toril Swan.
95: Language-Spread Policy I: Languages of Former Colonial Powers, ed.
by Ulrich Ammon and Hartmut Kleineidam.
96: Sociolinguistics in Mexico, Yolanda Lastra with the assistance of
Alejandro de la Mora.
97: News from China: Minority Languages in Perspective, ed. by Sun
Hongkai and Florian Coulmas.
98: Attitudes and Accommodation in Multilingual Societies, ed. by
Florian Coulmas.

99: Koines and Koineization, ed. by Jeff Siegel.
100/101: Anniversary Issue: Preparing for the Twenty-first Century, ed.
by Joshua A. Fishman.
102: Creole Movements in the Francophone Orbit, ed. by Ellen M. Schnepel
and Lambert-Felix Prudent.
103: Language in Power, ed. by Carol M. Eastman.
104: Sociology of Language in Belgium (Revisited), ed. by Albert F.
Verdoodt and Selma K. Sonntag.

105/106: French-English Language Issues in Canada, ed. by Richard Y.
107: Language Spread Policy II: Languages of Former Colonial Powers and
Former Colonies, ed. by Ulrich Ammon.
108: Ethnolinguistic Vitality, ed. by Rodrigue Landry and R�al Allard.
109: Language, the Subject, the Social Link: Essays offered to Andr�e
Tabouret-Keller by the members of LADIDIS, ed. by Gabrielle Varro.
110: Ethnolinguistic Pluralism and Its Discontents: A Canadian Study,
and Some General Observations, ed. by Joshua A. Fishman.

111: Hungarian Sociolinguistics, ed. by Mikl�s Kontra and Csaba Pl�h.
112: Sociolinguistics in Morocco, ed. by Moha Ennaji.
113: Australian Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders: Sociolinguistic
and Educational Perspectives, ed. by Brian Devlin et al.
114: Sociolinguistic Trends on the U.S.-Mexican Border, ed. by Margarita
115: Sociolinguistics in Norway, ed. by Ernst H. Jahr.
116: 'Singles' Issue: Language Politics and Accommodation, ed. by
Florian Coulmas.

117: Sociolinguistics in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, ed. by Adolfo
118: Language Planning and Political Theory, ed. by Hans R. Dua.
119: Vernacular Literacy in Non-Mainstream Communities, ed. by Ludo
120: Minority Languages in Central Europe, ed. by Sven Gustavsson and
Zdenek Star�.
121: Economic Approaches to Language and Language Planning, ed. by
Fran�ois Grin.
122: 'Singles' Issue: Concepts of Language in Asia and Other Non-Western
Societies, ed. by Florian Coulmas.

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