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Books: Semantics/Pragmatics:From Words to Discourse

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  1. Neden, Julie (ELS), From Words to Discourse: Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics,edited by J. Gutiirrez-Rexach

Message 1: From Words to Discourse: Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics,edited by J. Gutiirrez-Rexach

Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 04:31:43 -0400
From: Neden, Julie (ELS) <>
Subject: From Words to Discourse: Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics,edited by J. Gutiirrez-Rexach


New addition to the CRiSPI series!

Elsevier are pleased to announce the publication of the latest book in
the highly acclaimed CRiSPI (Current Research in the
Semantics/Pragmatics Interface)series.

>From Words to Discourse: Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics
Edited by J. Gutiirrez-Rexach, Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

ISBN: 0-08-043991-8
368 pages
Price: USD 80, EUR 80

Ordering information can be found on:


An area of linguistic research can be considered mature when the
validity of theoretical and empirical results is tested
cross-linguistically and when predictions from different languages
influence and modify the course of theoretical development. The
semantics/pragmatics interface poses a special challenge in this
respect because of its interdisciplinary and multi-theoretical
nature. This volume attempts to bridge the gap between theory and
empirical analysis by focussing on several aspects of the semantics
and the pragmatics of Spanish from a variety of theoretical points of
view. Some of the papers were selected from those presented at the
International Conference "Semantics and Pragmatics of Spanish" (Ohio
State University, 1999). Others are invited contributions from leading
scholars in the field. Among the topics covered are several that have
been the subject of intense debate, whereas others represent subtle
data patterns not considered so far. The topics include the proper
characterization of tense and aspect, the subjunctive, verbal
periphrases, stage/individual level predication, the interpretation of
infinitives in embedded and adjunct clauses, the subjunctive mood,
demonstratives, quantification of excess, exception phrases, binding
phenomena, propositional negative polarity items, particles of
politeness, and pronominal doubling. Overall, the analysis of these
subjects contributes new findings to prominent theories in the field,
such as possible world semantics, relevance theory, mental spaces,
type coercion, generalized quantifier theory, dynamic semantics, and
the theory of Logical Form.


Introduction (J. Gutiirrez-Rexach).

Spanish past and future tenses: less (semantics) is more (S. Gennari).
Tensed complements of perception verbs: issues in their temporal
interpretation (A. Cipria).
Spanish 'aspectual' periphrases: ordering constraints and the distinction
between situation and viewpoint aspect (B. Laca).
Non-declarative sentences in Spanish: the case of the infinitive (X.R.
Aspect and situations: a situation semantics account of the semantic
variability of Spanish "al-clauses" (L. Alonoso-Ovalle).
Mental spaces and epistemic attitudes: on the Spanish subjunctive/indicative
alternation (F. Aliaga, E. de Bustos).
Space accessibility and the pragmatic status of propositions (E.
Coercion and the stage/individual distinction (V. Escandell-Vidal, M.
Some Spanish quantifier modifiers (R. Zuber).
Demonstratives in context (J. Gutiirrez-Rexach).
Propositional NPIs and the scalar nature of polarity (J. Gutiirrez-Rexach,
S. Schwenter).
Degree quantification and modal operators in Spanish (I. Bosque).
The shifted reading of the Spanish simple past as dependent on presuppostion
accommodation (R.J. Garcia Csrdoba).
On the interaction of syntax-semantics-pragmatics: a case study (J. Maci`).
Clitic doubling, null objects and clitic climbing in the Spanish of
Corrientes (L. Colantoni).
Spanish no, si,: a particle of politeness (R. Vann et al.).

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