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Thu May 30 2002

Qs: Intrusive r, Semantics of British Newspapers

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  1. Vincent DeCaen, intrusive r, etc
  2. max antonenko, Semantics of British Newspapers

Message 1: intrusive r, etc

Date: Sun, 26 May 2002 13:46:00 -0400 (EDT)
From: Vincent DeCaen <>
Subject: intrusive r, etc

Dear friends,
what's the latest authoritative treatment of intrusive r in English 
dialects? is there a broader treatment of intrusive types of sandhi? 
especially of the euphonic variety? 

thanks in advance.

Dr Vincent DeCaen
Research Associate
Near & Middle Eastern Civilizations
University of Toronto

Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative (HSEI)

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Message 2: Semantics of British Newspapers

Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 21:24:12 +0300
From: max antonenko <>
Subject: Semantics of British Newspapers

Dear collegues,

 My name is Maxim Antonenko and I am a teacher of English &
 Literature at Gorlovka State Pedagogical Institute for Foreign
 Languages in Ukraine. As a topic for my Candidate of Science
 (equivalent of PhD) thesis I chose the study of British
 newspapers & magazines names. I am interested in research of
 etymology, derivation, geographical distribution and semantics of
 British newspapers &
 magazines published in 1801-2002. So far I couldn't find any
 information on works devoted to this field of onomasiology. The
 sources from Russian linguists Superanskaya, Podolskaya and others
 who are established researchers in onomastics don't provide any
 insights apart from some general information. I would appreciate
 if you can help me with any information available on this

 Yours sincerely, Maxim Antonenko

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