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Fri May 31 2002

Confs: Lang Variation/Historical Ling

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 16:36:07 +0200
From: SFB471 <>
Subject: conference

International Colloquium, June 6.-8., 2002
University of Konstanz, Department of Linguistics
Organized by the Sonderforschungsbereich 471 "Variation and Evolution in
the Lexicon"

June 6, Thursday
9.00-9.30	Rektor, Gerhart v. Graevenitz
		Sprecherin, Aditi Lahiri
9.30-10.30	Ed Keenan (UCLA)
		Explaining the Creation of Reflexive Pronouns in English
10.30-11.00	Coffee/Tea
11.00-12.00	David Dowty (Ohio State University)
		Argument Alternations and Type-Logical Grammar
12.00-12.45	Regine Eckardt (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Mimicry in Natural Language: German "lauter"
12.45-14.30	Lunch
14.30-15.30	Ulrich Frauenfelder (Universit�t Genf)
		Speech segmentation: What role for the syllable in French?
15.30-16.15	Zvi Penner (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Learning the Meaning of Verbs: What Distinguishes Language
Impaired from
		Normally Developing Children?
16.15-16.45	Coffee/Tea
16.45-17.45	Geert Booij (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
		Constructional idioms and periphrasis: the aan het
		infinitive construction in Dutch.
17.45-18.30	Judith Meinschaefer (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Argument suppression in nominalizations: An effect arising
		from principles of argument linking?
19.30		Conference dinner at the
		Rheingold Orangerie, Spanierstr. 3

June 7, Friday
9.30-10.30	Peter Sells (Stanford University)
		Complex Predicates As A Window Onto The Organization Of
10.30-11.00	Coffee/Tea
11.00-12.00	David Beck (University of Alberta)
		Prototypical conceptual types and typological variation in
		parts of speech systems
12.00-12.45	Miriam Butt (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Establishing Historical Stability
12.45-14.30	Lunch
14.30-15.30	David Wasserstein (Tel Aviv University)
		What's in a Name? - A Case Study Generalised
15.30-16.15	Peter Gahl (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Diskursgeschichte statt Semasiologie - zur Fr�hgeschichte
		des Epochenbegriffs `Gotik�
16.15-16.45	Coffee/Tea
16.45-17.45	Kurt Goblirsch (University South Carolina)
		Gemination and Lenition in the Middle Periods of the
		Germanic Languages
17.45-18.30	Hans-Rainer Beck (Universit�t Konstanz)
		Narrativity and transfer of knowledge: looking for
		principles of language
		change through language use
19.30		Reception by the Mayor of Konstanz

June 8, Saturday
9.30-10.30	Lars Johanson(Universit�t. Mainz)
		On copied lexical items
10.30-11.30	Edit Doron (Hebrew University Jerusalem)
		Bare Singular Reference to Kinds
11.30-12.00	Coffee/Tea
12.00-12.45	Arthur Merin (Universit�t Konstanz)
		For and Against
12.45-13.30	Christoph Schwarze (Universit�t Konstanz)
13.30		Lunch on Terrace

Irene Wolke


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