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Wed Jun 5 2002

Qs: Eng/Japanese Survey, MacSpeechLab Conversions

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  1. Joseph Poulshock, Eng/Japanese Survey
  2. Susanne Gahl, MacSpeechLab

Message 1: Eng/Japanese Survey

Date: Mon, 03 Jun 2002 14:17:01 +0900
From: Joseph Poulshock <>
Subject: Eng/Japanese Survey

I would like to invite members of this group to participate in a very
brief linguistics experiment. The easy "yes/no" survey is internet
based, comes in two separate ten-minute parts, and requires
participants who can read English and Japanese, using internet
browsers that can render English and Japanese.
I cannot reveal too much about the project at this point as it might
bias the subjects, but I can say that it deals with translation
comparison, and an interesting theory of it at that. I promise to
post results on this list, maintaining participant anonymity, of

The project is an important part of my PhD research, and I would be
greatly obliged if perhaps a good number of you on this list could

The first survey will be administered in the middle part of June,
around the 10th through 14th. The second survey will administered in
the end of June around the 24th through the 28th. Times are a little
flexible to adjust to the participants' schedules. Surveys should take
about 10 minutes each.

If you are interested, please reply to me and I'll send you a subject
code, which will help insure the anonymity of the participants.
Thank you for your consideration.
Joseph Poulshock
Doctoral Student in Language Evolution
University of Edinburgh
Associate Professor
Tokyo Christian University

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Message 2: MacSpeechLab

Date: Tue, 04 Jun 2002 20:40:41 +0000
From: Susanne Gahl <>
Subject: MacSpeechLab

Can anyone point me to software that can convert sound files created
in Mac Speech Lab (yes, a long time ago) to some format readable in
more recent programs (such as PRAAT or CoolEdit, or even SoundEdit)?

Many thanks in advance!

Susanne Gahl		
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