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Mon Jun 10 2002

Calls: Native American Lang, Computational Ling

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  1. Dennis R. Preston, Encyclopedia of the Midwest author recruitment
  2. Tanja Gaustad, CLIN 2002

Message 1: Encyclopedia of the Midwest author recruitment

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 13:24:34 -0400
From: Dennis R. Preston <>
Subject: Encyclopedia of the Midwest author recruitment

Dear Colleagues:

I am delighted with the response from many of you to my earlier
request for authors for entries to the section on Language in the
forthcoming Encyclopedia of the Midwest ( The
Encyclopedia, organized by scholars at Ohio State, will be published
by IU Press. The language section will contain the follow entries (#
of words given in parentheses):


Overview (3000): Dennis R. Preston

Varieties of English:
The Pronunciation of English in the Midwest (2000): Charles Boberg
The Dialect Vocabulary of the Midwest (2000): Luanne von Schneidemesser
The Dialect Grammar of the Midwest (2000): Timothy Frazer
Language and Society in the Midwest: English and Gender, Social Class,
	Profession, Ethnicity, and the Rural/Urban Division (2000):
	Michael Linn
African American Language in the Midwest: The Structure of the
	Language (1000): Walter Edwards
African American Language in the Midwest: Ways of Talking (1000):
	Geneva Smitherman
Midwestern Tales: Language Practices and Norms in English Storytelling
	of the Midwest (2000): Barbara Johnstone
Slang, Metaphor, and Turns of Phrase in Midwestern English (2000):
	Thomas Murray
The Personal, Geographical, and Institutional Names of the Midwest
	(2000): Edward Callary

Native American Languages:
The History and Current Status of Native American Languages of the
	Midwest (2000): John Nichols
Algonquian (1000) AUTHOR BEING SOUGHT
Iroquoian (1000) AUTHOR BEING SOUGHT

Other Languages:
Bilingualism and Language Contact in the Midwest (2000): Donald Lance


Finnish (and other Finno-Ugric languages of the area, e.g., Estonian)
	(500): Pekka Hirvonen
Hungarian (500): Miklos Kontra

Balto-Salvic Languages (500): David Robinson
East Slavic Languages (500): Daniel Collins
South Slavic Languages (500): Brian Joseph
Polish, Czech, and Slovak (1000): Bartek Plichta

French (500): Roger Shuy
Italian (1000): Thomas D. Cravens
Mexican Spanish (1000): Holly Cashman
Puerto Rican Spanish and Other Caribbean Varieties (e.g., Cuban,
	Dominican) (500): Michelle Ramos-Pellicia
Other Varieties of Spanish (500): Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo
Portuguese (500): Ana Maria Carvalho
Other Romance languages (500): Miguel Rodriguez-Mondonedo

Greek (500): Panayiotis Pappas

Dutch (500): Jaap Van Marle
Immigrant German (1000): Joseph Salmons
Religious Immigrant German (1000): Steven Hartman Keiser
Yiddish (500): Neil Jacobs
Norwegian (1000): Armstein Hjelde
Swedish (500): Staffan Klintborg
*Danish (500): Britta Jensen (

African, Middle Eastern, Asian, and Pacifica
Horn of Africa (500): Peter J. Unseth
Sub-Saharan Africa (500): Deogratias Ngonyani
Pidgin and Creole Varieties (500): Tom Donahue
Arabic (1000): Aleya Rouchdy
Armenian (500): John Greppin
Chinese (500): Ashley Williams
Korean (500): Hikyoung Lee
Southeast Asia (500): Martha Ratliff
South Asia (500): Beth Lee Simon
Pacifica (500): Jason Roberts

Romany (500): William Duna
American Sign Language (500): Charles Gramly and Christine Evenson

As a result of the publicity from my earlier request, however, I am
encouraged to make an additional effort in the area of Native American
languages. As the above outline shows, John Nichols, of the University
of Minnesota, will write a general entry (historical, typological,
current status) on languages of the area, but the general editors have
agreed to six more entries, and I encourage any of you who feel
qualified to write one of these short entries on the historical
background and current status of the following groups or specific
languages to get in touch with me at

Algonquian	1000 words
Iroquoian	1000 words
Siouan		1000 words
Dakota		500 words
Ojibway		500 words
Winnebago	500 words
Dennis R. Preston
Professor of Linguistics
Department of Linguistics and Languages
740 Wells Hall A
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1027 USA
Office - (517) 353-0740
Fax - (517) 432-2736
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Message 2: CLIN 2002

Date: Mon, 10 Jun 2002 15:53:02 +0200 (METDST)
From: Tanja Gaustad <>
Subject: CLIN 2002


CLIN 2002 
Thirteenth CLIN Meeting 
(Computational Linguistics in the Netherlands) 
Friday, 29 November, 2002
University of Groningen 

We are happy to announce the thirteenth CLIN meeting which will be
hosted by the department of Humanities Computing at the University of
Groningen. The languages of the conference are Dutch and English.

The guest speaker of CLIN 2002 is
	Hugo Brandt Corstius 

author of numerous books and columns on computational linguistics, as
well as on Dutch language and literature. The topic of his talk will
be announced later.

Researchers are invited to present papers on all aspects of
computational linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax,
semantics, pragmatics, machine translation, computational
lexicography, formal languages, grammar formalisms, information
retrieval, information extraction, text mining, knowledge
representation, parsing and generation, dialogue management, embodied
conversational agents, corpus-oriented methods, etc.).

Authors should submit an abstract in English or Dutch (preferably by
e-mail, in flat ASCII). The abstract should contain:

- a title 
- your name, address, affiliation, and e-mail address 
- a short outline of the paper (10-20 lines) 

You can send your abstract to: 

or, if email is not possible, to: 

CLIN 2002 
Tanja Gaustad 
University of Groningen 
P.O. Box 716 
9700 AS Groningen 
The Netherlands

Deadline for submission: 27 September 2002. 
Notification of acceptance: 11 October 2002. 

The local organiser of this year's meeting is Tanja Gaustad. 

A volume with proceedings of the twelfth CLIN meeting (held 30
November 2001, in Enschede) will be available at this year's
meeting. We intend to produce a volume of the proceedings of CLIN 2002
before CLIN 2003. Papers for these proceedings will have to be written
in English; they will be reviewed by a committee to be appointed in
due time.

This and future information about CLIN 2002 will be made available via
the CLIN 2002 home page:
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