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Books: Lexicography, Eldo Neufeld

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  1. LINCOM EUROPA, A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words by Eldo Neufeld

Message 1: A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words by Eldo Neufeld

Date: 11 Jun 2002 18:10 GMT
Subject: A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words by Eldo Neufeld

A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words
Eldo Neufeld

The author has been guilty of versifying from his early elementary
school years. The hours spent searching mentally for proper rhyming
words are unnumbered. Rhyming dictionaries are available in some
languages, but not in the author's Plautdietsch mother tounge. In
Little Red Hen fashion, the only solution was to fashion one
oneself. In this attempt it became immediately clear that an abundance
of rhyming words in English, often spelled in many different ways,
does not exist in Plautdietsch. For example, variations in spelling in
the rhyming portions of words (homonyms) like "ate, bait, straight,
freight," sound alike and therefore rhyme with each other, have no
counterpart in Plautdietsch. Rhyming words are usually spelled much
more c onsistently, e.g. "deele" (to divide), "feele" (to feel),
"heele" (to heal), or "Draikj" (dirt), "Flaikj" (intestines), "Saikj"
(sacks). In all three cases of these groups of words, the rhymes are
exact. It appears, therefore, that for the Plautdietsch versifier, the
spelling variations in rhymes are much more limited than those in

The book is arranged into three sections:
Section I: Monosyllables, and words accented on the last syllable
Secion II: Words accented on the syllable before the last
Section III: Words accented on the third syllable from the end

In each section words are arranged alphabetically in lists under
phonetics syllables, which are themselves arranged alphabetically.
This arrangements hould make it possible for the versifier to go
quickly to a group of words which all contain the sound for which he
is searching. It is hoped that this work will be found useful for the
would-be Plautdiets ch poet who is stuck for a rhyme in the middle of
a great idea, or needs a better word to end a lovesong, or is tired of
the same old refrains. A Dictionary of Plautdietsch Rhyming Words is
part three of the Plautdiet sch project by Eldo Neufeld (Plautdietsch
Grammar, ISBN 3895866156. LINCOM Studies in Germanic Linguistics 08;
Plautdietsch Verb Conjugation, Vol I. ISBN 389586 614 8. LINCOM
Studies in Germanic Linguistics 09, Vol II. ISBN 389586 882 5. 
LINCOM Studies in Germanic Linguistics 10).

ISBN 3 89586 362 9.
LINCOM Studies in Germanic Linguistics 15.
76pp. USD 26 / EUR 28 / � 22.

Free copies of LINCOM's catalogue 2002 ("project line 12") are now 
available from

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FAX +49 89 62269404
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