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Thu Jun 13 2002

TOC: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, Vol.16 no.3

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Message 1: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics - New Issue Alert

Date: Thu, 13 Jun 2002 06:00:47 "GMT"
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Subject: Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics - New Issue Alert

Volume 16 Number 3/April 01, 2002 of Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics
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This issue contains:

Editorial: forum on intervocalic consonants in phonological
p. 149	
Joseph Paul Stemberger, Barbara Bernhardt

URL of article:

Intervocalic consonants in the speech of typically developing
children: emergence and early use	
p. 155	
Carol Stoel-Gammon

URL of article:

Intervocalic consonants in the acquisition of German: onsets, codas or
something else?	
p. 169	
Margaret M. Kehoe, Conxita Lle&oacute;

URL of article:

The influence of syllable position on children's production of
p. 183	
Susan Rvachew, Ellen Andrews

URL of article:

Intervocalic consonants in the speech of English-speaking Canadian
children with phonological disorders	
p. 199	
Barbara Bernhardt, Joseph Paul Stemberger

URL of article:

The acquisition of medial /t, d/ allophones in bisyllabic contexts	
p. 215	
Harriet B. Klein, Elaine K. Altman

URL of article:

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