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Books: Language Description, M.B.Maxwell & N.L.Morse

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  1. academic_books, Cubeo Grammar: Studies in the Languages of Colombia 5

Message 1: Cubeo Grammar: Studies in the Languages of Colombia 5

Date: Tue, 18 Jun 2002 15:56:06 +0000
From: academic_books <academic_booksSIL.ORG>
Subject: Cubeo Grammar: Studies in the Languages of Colombia 5

Title: Cubeo Grammar: Studies in the Languages of Colombia 5
Series Title: Publications in Linguistics 130
Publication Year: 1999
Publisher: Summer Institute of Linguistics
Author: Michael B. Maxwell 
Author: Nancy L. Morse 

Paperback: ISBN: 1556710445, Pages: 216, Price: $29.00

The Cubeo people live principally along the Vaupés, Cuduyarí, and
Querarí Rivers in the northwestern Amazon River Basin. Although the
Cubeos have had contact with people outside their communities since
the sixteenth century, their language and culture have remained
largely intact.

In this fifth volume in the series of Colombia language studies, the
reader gains an overview of Cubeo phonology and morphophonemics, word
classes, clause structure, and subordination. The text is richly
supplemented with examples. The various affixes presented in the text
are listed in the first appendix with their glosses and a reference to
the sections in which the affixes are discussed. In the second
appendix, the practical orthography is summarized.

This grammar is especially interesting for linguists studying
languages of the Tuconoan language family. The distinctive features of
Cubeo grammar are the extensive system of classifiers for nouns and
their modifiers, the evidential system for verbs indicating the source
or validity of the information communicated, and a basic division of
all verbs into two categories "stative and dynamic".

Nancy Morse has done extensive linguistic analysis and literacy and
translation work with the Cubeo people of southeast Colombia. She has
a special interest in co-authoring publications in Cubeo for the local
populace in Colombia. Michael Maxwell is a linguistic consultant and
computational linguist with special interest in the grammatical
phenomena found in the languages of Colombia.

Lingfield(s): Language Description, Morphology, Phonology
Subject Language(s): Macu De Cubeo (Language Code: CBV)
Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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