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Fri Jun 21 2002

Disc: Review: Applied Ling: Hinkel (2002)

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  1. GNJabbour, Disc:Review: Applied Ling: Hinkel (2002)

Message 1: Disc:Review: Applied Ling: Hinkel (2002)

Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 21:08:52 EDT
From: GNJabbour <>
Subject: Disc:Review: Applied Ling: Hinkel (2002)

On my part, I would like to state that, in a nutshell, corpus linguistics 
represents an advanced form of discourse analysis. In language teaching, 
teachers do not go without analyzing text and identifying the discourse the 
text represents. Teachers choose their own text to work with depending on 
their familiarity with the style of the author and the extent to which they 
believe the text will add to students' knowledge of the language and the 
world. This same reasoning applies to dealing with text using corpus 
linguistics techniques, of which retrieving word frequencies and using a 
concordancer are the commonest. 

Those who need to refresh their knowledge of the core topics in
discourse analysis and corpus linguistics will find the following
reference names helpful: Sinclair and Coulthard 1975, Sinclair 1987
and 1991, Bazerman 1987, Biber 1988 and 1998, Swales 1990. For corpus
linguistics and language teaching pedagogy, Willis 1990 and Skehan
1994 are a good beginning.

Georgette Jabbour, New York Institute of Technology

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