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Fri Jun 21 2002

FYI: Lang Resource Management, Logic/Lang Courses

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  1. Terry Langendoen, New ISO Subcommittee for Language Resource Management
  2. Nadia Mana, ESSLLI2002: late registration deadline --> 30 June !!!

Message 1: New ISO Subcommittee for Language Resource Management

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 16:52:41 -0700 (MST)
From: Terry Langendoen <langendtU.Arizona.EDU>
Subject: New ISO Subcommittee for Language Resource Management

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO, has
established a new subcommittee on Language Resource Management (SC 4) of
its Technical Committee on Terminology (TC 37). The first plenary meeting
of TC 37/SC 4 was held at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,
Spain, on May 28.

The meeting was attended by 29 individuals from 12 countries. The
committee Chair is Laurent Romary of Laboratoire Loria, France, and
Secretary is Key-Sun Choi of Korterm, Korea. At the meeting, the following
actions were taken.

1. Antonio Zampolli of the Institute for Computational Linguistics, Pisa,
 Italy, was appointed Chair of the International Advisory Committee
 (IAC) of TC 37/SC 4 for a term of 3 years.

2. Working Group 1 on Basic Descriptors and Mechanisms for Language
 Resources (WG 1) was established and will be chaired by Laurent Romary.
 The following Work Items were approved for TC 37/SC 4/WG 1.
 a. Terminology of Language Resource Management (WI 1), to be convened
 by Key-Sun Choi. The task of WI 1 is to define all general concepts
 and terms in the domain of SC 4.
 b. Linguistic Annotation Framework (WI 2) to be convened by Nancy Ide,
 Vassar College, Poughkeepsie, NY, USA. The task of WI 2 is to
 develop a framework for describing and comparing annotation schemes
 for language resources.
 In addition, it was agreed that a Metadata for Multimodal and
 Multilingual Information Work Item (WI 3) would be formed, once a
 requirements paper for it is prepared. Peter Wittenburg, Max Planck
 Institute for Psycholinguistics, will head up an effort to prepare such
 a paper by the end of 2002.

3. Additional Working Groups and Work Items are being planned as follows.
 The names and numbers for these Working Groups and Work Items are not
 a. WG 2: Representation Schemes
 i. WI 4: Structural Content Representation Scheme
 ii. WI 5: Multimodal Meaning Representation Scheme
 iii. WI 6: Discourse Level Representation Scheme
 b. WG 3: Multilingual Text Representation
 i. WI 7: Translation Memory and Alignment of Parallel Corpora
 ii. WI 8: Segmentation and Counting Algorithms
 iii. WI 9: Meta-markup for Globalization, Internationalization and
 c. WG 4: Lexical Database
 i. WI 10: NLP Lexica
 d. WG 5: Workflow of Language Resource Management
 i. WI 11: Validation of Language Resources
 ii. WI 12: Net-based Distributed Cooperative Work for the Creation
 of Language Resources

The next meeting of TC 37/SC 4 will be held in Vienna, Austria on August
22 in conjunction with the annual plenary meeting of TC 37.

Membership in TC 37/SC 4 is by country only, through a sponsoring
organization. The current participating members, their sponsoring
organizations and contact persons are:

Canada (SCC) Roger Racine <>
France (AFNOR) Sylvie Arbouy <>
Germany (DIN) Gottfried Herzog <>
Japan (JISC) Hirotsugu Ohguma <
Republic of Korea (KATS) Key-Sun Choi <>
Norway (NAS) Knut Jonassen <>
Russian Federation (GOST R) Sergej Papaev <>
Sweden (SIS) Klaudia Dobrina <>
Switzerland (SNV) Edith Hugentobler <>
United Kingdom (BSI) Christopher Cox <>
USA (ANSI) Diane Rehiel <>

The observing members, their sponsoring organizations and contact persons

Finland (SF) Katri Sepp�l� <>
Ireland (NSAI) William Burns <>

Anyone from any country can participate as an expert in the work of TC
37/SC 4. However, they should be identified to the subcommittee through
their ISO sponsoring organization. For information about how to identify
and contact your country's sponsoring organization, if not listed above,
write to the ISO TC 37 Secretary, Christian Galinski

Terry Langendoen, Dept of Linguistics, Univ of Arizona
P O Box 210028 / 1100 E University Blvd, Tucson AZ 85721-0028 USA
+1 520.621.6898 (phone); +1 520.626.9014 (fax)
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Message 2: ESSLLI2002: late registration deadline --> 30 June !!!

Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 13:30:44 +0200
From: Nadia Mana <>
Subject: ESSLLI2002: late registration deadline --> 30 June !!!



Registration is still available for ESSLLI2002 courses at the
following address:
		 E S S L L I 2 0 0 2

14th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

 Trento, Italy
 5-16 August, 2002

 Co Organized by ITC-IRST,
 University of Trento and Opera Universitaria, 
 under the auspices of FoLLI

The main focus of ESSLLI is on the interface between linguistics,
logic and computation. The school has developed into an important
meeting place and forum for discussion for students, researchers and
IT professionals interested in the interdisciplinary study of Logic,
Language and Information.

This is the first time the school is held in Italy. 

The school offers about 48 courses (for more details, visit the web site
- > ) and in the past attracted between 300
and 500 students from all over the world. In previous editions of
ESSLLI the courses covered a wide variety of topics within six areas
of interest: Logic, Computation, Language, Logic and Computation,
Computation and Language, Language and Logic. The novelty of the
14th edition is the special emphasis on the interface between the basic
areas (Logic, Language, and Computation).
So, this edition offers a large number of courses, organised into
three interdisciplinary areas (Language & Computation, Language & Logic,
and Logic & Computation), at a variety of levels (foundational,
introductory, advanced), as well as a number of workshops and
evening lectures. 

The registration fee includes: lunches for 10 days, 4 lectures notes,
gadgets (t-shirt, bag, and so on), ESSLLI welcome party and ESSLLI

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