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Mon Jun 24 2002

Review: Language Description: Garry & Rubino/Addendum

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  1. ZOE TOFT, Addendum to Review of Facts about the World's Languages

Message 1: Addendum to Review of Facts about the World's Languages

Date: Mon, 17 Jun 2002 20:15:37 +0000
From: ZOE TOFT <>
Subject: Addendum to Review of Facts about the World's Languages

Re: Linguist

It has come to my attention that contrary to my review, Sotho, Kongo
and Mbundu are in fact represented in Facts about the World's
Languages. There is a Sesotho entry (Katherine Demuth and 'Malillo
Machobane)to represent the largely mutually intelligible Sotho
languages, whilst Kongo can be found under the article on Kikongo
Kituba (Salikoko Mufwene) and Mbundu under the article on UMbundu
(Thilo C. Schadeberg). My apologies to the authors of these articles
and to the editors for my oversight, which was partly due to the
absence of 'Kongo' and 'Mbundu' in the index of languages and
alternate names. 'Sotho' does appear in the index, but refers the
reader only to the article on Chichewa. 

Zoe Toft, PhD Student
Department of Linguistics School of Oriental and African Studies,
University of London

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