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Books: Syntax:Adverbial Subordination in English

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  1. E.van.Broekhuizen, Adverbial Subordination in English. A Functional Approach.

Message 1: Adverbial Subordination in English. A Functional Approach.

Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 06:01:30 +0000
From: E.van.Broekhuizen <>
Subject: Adverbial Subordination in English. A Functional Approach.

Title: Adverbial Subordination in English.
Subtitle: A Functional Approach.
Series Title: Language and Computers Vol. 41
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Rodopi
Author: María Jesús Pérez Quintero 

Hardback: ISBN: 9042013605, Pages: XV,216 pp., Price: $ 47
This book presents a detailed corpus-based study of adverbial
subordinate clauses in English within the framework of the theory of
Functional Grammar. On the basis of an in-depth data analysis, this
study shows that there is a systematic correlation between the
semantic types of adverbial clauses, on the one hand, and the verb
forms by means of which these constructions are expressed in English,
on the other.
In contrast to most traditional classifications, the criterion used
for the semantic classification of adverbial clauses is not simply the
basic meaning of the conjunction introducing the subordinate
clause. Instead, the present classification is based on the systematic
and consistent application of four semantic parameters: Entity Type,
Time Dependency, Factuality and Presupposition. The relevance of the
application of these parameters is not only that they allow to
establish a complete and exhaustive typology of adverbial clauses, but
also that they form the basis for four implicational hierarchies that
determine the distribution of expression formats along the different
semantic types of adverbial clauses.
This book also constitutes a contribution to the application of
Functional Grammar to the corpus-based analysis of a specific language
and, more specifically, to the validation of the hierarchical model of
the structure of the clause postulated within this theoretical


List of Tables. 
List of Figures. 
1. Preliminaries. 
1.1 Aims and scope of this study. 
1.2 The Functional Grammar framework. 
1.3 Adverbial subordination in Functional Grammar. 
1.4 Functional Grammar and Corpus Linguistics. 
2. The formal classification of adverbial clauses. 
2.1 Introduction. 
2.2 Verbal expression formats in English. 
2.3 Problems relating to the expression of adverbial clauses through 
dependent forms. 
3. The semantic classification of adverbial clauses. 
3.1 Introduction. 
3.2 Parameters and hierarchies. 
3.3 Classification. 
3.4 Excluded constructions. 
4. Adverbial clauses in English. 
4.1 Description of expression formats. 
4.2 Summary of the expression of adverbial clauses. 
5. Semantic hierarchies. 
5.1 Introduction. 
5.2 The Entity Type Hierarchy. 
5.3 The Time Dependency Hierarchy. 
5.4 The Factuality Hierarchy. 
5.5 The Presupposition Hierarchy. 
5.6 Summary. 
5.7 Interaction between the hierarchies. 
6. Adverbial clauses
in Functional Grammar. 
6.1 Introduction. 
6.2 Underlying representation of the internal structure of adverbial clauses. 
6.3 Underlying representation of the external structure of adverbial clauses. 
6.4 Representation of the different semantic types of
adverbial clauses. 
7. Summary. 


Appendix I. 

Appendix II. 

Index of subjects.
Lingfield(s): Computational Linguistics,Linguistic Theories, Semantics, 
Subject Language(s): English (Language Code: ENG)
Language Family(ies): Germanic 
Written In: English (Language Code: English)
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