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Books: ICAME 2000: New Frontiers of Corpus Research

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  1. E.van.Broekhuizen, ICAME 2000 proceedings, New Frontiers of Corpus Research

Message 1: ICAME 2000 proceedings, New Frontiers of Corpus Research

Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 06:07:33 +0000
From: E.van.Broekhuizen <>
Subject: ICAME 2000 proceedings, New Frontiers of Corpus Research

Title: New Frontiers of Corpus Research.
Subtitle: Papers from the Twenty First International Conference on English 
Language Research on Computerized Corpora Sydney 2000.
Series Title: Language and Computers 36
Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: Rodopi
Editor: Peter Collins 
Editor: Pam Peters 
Editor: Adam Smith 

Hardback: ISBN: 9042012374, Pages: VI,333 pp., Price: $ 75


Pam PETERS, Peter COLLINS and Adam SMITH: Introduction. New
corporation and new speech communities. 

Magnar BREKKE: TERMINEC: a clearinghouse for economics text and terminology. 

Neil DRAVE: Vaguely speaking: a corpus approach to vague language in 
intercultural conversions. 

He ANPING: On the discourse marker so. 

Tony MCENERY, Paul BAKER and Christine CHEEPEN: Lexis, indirectness and 
politeness in operator calls. 

David MINUGH: The Coll Corpus: towards a corpus of web-based college student 

Vincent OOI: Aspects of computer-mediated communication for research in corpus

Nelleke OOSTDIJK: The design of the Spoken Dutch Corpus. Historical and 
regional studies. 

Maurizio GOTTI: Canting terms in the Early English Prose Fiction Corpus. 

Sebastian HOFFMANN: In (hot) pursuit of data: complex prepositions in late 
modern English. 

Christine JOHANSSON: Pied piping and stranding from a diachronic perspective. 

Hans-Martin LEHMANN: Zero subject relative constructions in American and 
British English. 

Manfred MARKUS:Towards an analysis of pragmatic and stylistic features in 
15th and 17th century English letters. 

Peter SCHNEIDER: Computer assisted spelling normalization of 18th century 
English. Corpus-based language description. 

Pieter DE HAAN: 'Whom' is not dead? 

Roberta FACCHINETTI: 'Can' and 'could' in contemporary British
English: a study of the ICE-GB corpus. 

Janet HOLMES and Robert SIGLEY:
What's a word like 'girl' doing in a place like this?
Occupational labels, sexist usages and corpus research. 

Göran KJELLMER: On polysemy and interpretation. The case of 'eventual'.

Ilka MINDT: Functions of intonation in sentences and texts. 

Paul RAYSON, Andrew WILSON and Geoffrey LEECH: Grammatical word class
variation within the British National Corpus Samples. 

Norbert SCHL�oeTER: Temporal specification of the present perfect: a
corpus-based study. 

Nicholas SMITH: Ever moving on? The progressive in recent British English.

Lingfield(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics 
Subject Language(s): English (Language code: ENG)
Language Family(ies): Germanic

Written In: English (Language Code: ENG)

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