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Thu Jan 24 2002

Qs: Concordance for Arabic, "Euro" and "Cent"

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  1. jihad hamdan, Concordance software for Arabic
  2. Heinrich Pfandl, Use of "euro"and "cent" in European languages

Message 1: Concordance software for Arabic

Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 18:24:30 +0000
From: jihad hamdan <>
Subject: Concordance software for Arabic

Dear Colleagues,

Would anyone have some reference for concordance software for
Arabic? I am currently doing research on the frequency of the noun
plurals in contemporary Arabic novel.

Jihad Hamdan
Dept. of Linguistics, 
University of Jordan
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Message 2: Use of "euro"and "cent" in European languages

Date: Wed, 23 Jan 2002 20:38:30 +0100
From: Heinrich Pfandl <>
Subject: Use of "euro"and "cent" in European languages

Dear colleagues,

Due to a typographic error, the additional questions I announced in my
summary have not reached the Linguist list, so let me repeat the

The discussion about "cent" has shown the necessity of
systematically investigating at least three further

1. What is the plural of the word for "cent" in the European
languages? (How do you say: "I have only 15 cent/s" and "I
have a lot of cent/s in my pocket")
2. How is the word "euro" pronounced in different European
3. What is the plural of "euro" in these languages? ("15
euro/s"; "I have a lot of euro/s in my pocket")

Please reply off-list to

Heinrich Pfandl

I can now give the exact reference of the article mentioned in the

Hans Christian Lusch´┐Żtzky & Lliliana Madelska. "European integration
from a polycentric point of view. How stable is the euro?", in:
Naturally!: linguistic
studies in honour of Wolfgang Ulrich Dressler, presented on the occasion
of his 60th birthday / ed. by Chris Schaner-Wolles ; John Rennison ;
Neubarth . - 1. ed. ital. . - Torino : Rosenberg & Sellier , 2001 . -
XXXIV, 514 S. . - (Linguistica ; 19 ), pp 291-300.
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