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Confs: Ling Socialization, Budapest, Hungary

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  1.>, preliminary program

Message 1: preliminary program

Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2002 11:15:18 +0200 (CEST)
From:> <>
Subject: preliminary program


dedicated to the memory of Zita Reger (1944-2001) 

7 - 9 October 2002, Budapest


Monday 7 October: Language Acquisition, Child Language

 9.00 - 9.55	Invited Talk: Jean Berko Gleason (Boston 
University):Language Acquisition and Socialization among Gypsies in 
Hungary: Zita Reger's Legacy
 9.55 - 10.30	Cristina Dye (Cornell University) - Barbara Lust (Cornell 
University): Dissociating UG and Specific Language Grammar through 
Cross-Linguistic Evidence
 10.30 - 11.05	Leah Paltiel-Gedalyovich (Ben-Gurion University of the 
Negev):Linguistics, Adults, Children and the Truth about o ('or')

11.05 - 11.25	Coffee Break

 11.25 - 12.00	Elena Buja (Transsylvania University, Brasov):Tense and 
Aspect in Romanian Pre-School Children's Narratives
 12.00 - 12.35	Agnes Melinda Kovacs (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj) - 
Erno Teglas (Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj):Possible Developmental 
Consequences of Acquiring a Second Language

12.35 - 14.30	Lunch Break

 14.30 - 15.05	Ilona Kassai (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest):The Development of Fluency in Hungarian: A Case Study
 15.05 - 15.40	Miklos Gyori (ELTE University, Budapest):Acquiring 
Language and Acquiring Naive Theory of Mind: Analogies, Disanalogies, 
 15.40 - 16.15	Gabor Alberti (PTE University, P�cs) - Helga Latyak (PTE 
University, Pecs):Child Language Analyses in the Framework of Lifelong DRT

16.15 - 16.45	Coffee Break

 16.45 - 17.20	Uziel-Karl Sigal (Tel Aviv University):When Transparency 
Meets Simplicity: Evidence from the Acquisition of General-Purpose Verbs 
in Hebrew
 17.20 - 17.55	Barbora Skarabela (Boston University) - Shanley E.M. Allen 
(Boston University):Joint Attention and Null Arguments of Uninflected 
Verbs in Child Inuktitut


Tuesday 8 October: Aphasia Research: Lexicon, Syntax and Phonology in 
Impaired Language

 9.00 - 9.55	Invited Talk: Herman Kolk (Katholieke Universiteit 
Nijmegen):The Linguistic Brain as a Limited Capacity System
 9.55 - 10.30	Jacqueline Stark (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Kegelg) 
- Christiane Pons (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Kegelg) - Heinz Karl 
Stark (Ludwig Boltzman Institute for Cerebral Blood Flow Research, 
Vienna): Word Order Errors and Impairment of Lexical Retrieval in 
Agrammatic Sentence Production - Are they Related?
 10.30 - 11.05	Katalin Szentkuti-Kiss (Research Institute for Linguistics 
of HAS, Budapest):Is there a Double Dissociation in the Formation of 
Regular and Irregular Plural in Hungarian Anterior and Posterior Aphasics? 
Validity of the Dual Process Hypothesis in Hungarian

11.05 - 11.25	Coffee Break

 11.25 - 12.00	Zolt�n Banreti (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest and ELTE University, Budapest):Ellipsis in Agrammatic Aphasia
 12.00 - 12.35	Eva Meszaros (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest):Processing of Neutral and Non-Neutral Sentences in Hungarian 
Broca's and Wernicke's Patients

12.35 - 14.30	Lunch Break

 14.30 - 15.25	Invited Talk: Csaba Pleh (Technical University, Budapest) 
- Agnes Lukacs (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, Budapest) - 
Mihaly Racsmany:The Language Profile of Hungarian Williams Syndrome 
Children: Classical Dissociations and Some Challenges
 15.25 - 16.00 	Yishai Tobin (Ben-Gurion University of the 
Negev):Phonology as Human Behavior: An Analysis of Hebrew-Speaking 

16.00 - 16.20	Coffee Break

 16.20 - 16.55	Klara Marton (City University of New York):Interaction 
between Working Memory and Language Processes in American and Hungarian 
Children with Specific Language Impairment
 16.55 - 17.30	Csilla Bartha (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest):Reconstructing Deafness: Language Ideologies, Discriminatory 
Practices and Deaf Community in Hungary

18.00 - 	Conference Party


Wednesday 9 October: Linguistic Socialization, and Language Use in Gypsy 

 9.00 - 9.55	Invited Talk: Susan Gal (University of Chicago):The role 
of Linguistic Difference in Socialization: Towards a Semiotics of Cultural 
 9.55 - 10.30	Ann Williams (University of London) - Eve Gregory 
(University of London):Literacy Practices and Language Socialization in 
Bilingual Families in East London: The Role of Siblings

10.30 - 10.50	Coffee Break

 11.50 - 11.25	Peter Bodor (ELTE University, Budapest) - Aniko Illes (PTE 
University, Pecs):Linguistic Socialization of Subjectivity: Emotions
 11.25 - 12.00	Katalin Weber (PTE University, Pecs):Ways in Language

12.00 - 14.00	Lunch Break

 14.00 - 14.55	Invited Talk: Michael Stewart (University College 
London):Language Use in Gypsy Communities
 14.55 - 15.30	Renata Dekany (Gandhi Grammar School, Pecs):Conversational 
Rules in a Romani - Hungarian Bilingual Spoken Discourse
 15.30 - 16.05	Andrea Szalai (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest):Correlations between Language Use and Gender in Romani 
Invitation Situations

16.05 - 16.25	Coffee Break

 16.25 - 17.00	Anna Borbely (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest): A Reger-fele teszt alkalmazasa empirikus nyelveszeti 
 17.00 - 17.35	Andrea Remenyi (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, 
Budapest):Beszeltnyelvi fejlesztes az iskolaban: Brit es magyar programok 
 17.35 - 18.10	Anna Palmaine Orsos (PTE University, Pecs) - Aranka Varga 
(PTE University, Pecs):Nyelvi szocializ�cio es nyelvhasznalat a cigany 



Virag Barcza (Research Institute for Linguistics of HAS, Budapest):
Linguistic Aspects of Children's Role-Playing Games

Julianna Oszko (PTE University, Pecs):
Knowledge of Synonyms of Hungarian Native Speakers

Sabine Stoll (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology)
A context-driven approach to the acquisition of Russian aspect

Dankovics Natalia (ELTE University, Budapest)
An alternative approach to the language acquisition of deaf children

Svetlana Feckova-Kapalkova (Comenius University) -
Marina Mikulajova (Comenius University) -
Daniela Slancova (Presov University) -
Iveta Bonova (Presov University)
Grammar Acquisition by Slovak Speaking Children

Aleka A. Blackwell (Middle Tenessee State University)
Where lexical input and lexical development diverge: Evidence from the 
acquisition of funny 

For registration information, registration form, hotel information, and 
local information see the conference website: 

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