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  1. Leora Bar-el, WECOL 2002 program

Message 1: WECOL 2002 program

Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 18:55:06 -0700
From: Leora Bar-el <>
Subject: WECOL 2002 program

WECOL 2002
Western Conference on Linguistics

November 1-3, 2002


Friday, Nov. 1st

12.30	Opening Remarks

Main session syntax
1.00	Marcel den Dikken, CUNY:
		Rotuman relatives and resumptive pronouns
1.30	Francesca Del Gobbo, UC Irvine / Harvard:
		On the interpretation of pronominal relative clauses
2.00	Ileana Paul, University of Western Ontario:
		On the structural position of topics
2.30	Lara Reglero, University of Connecticut:
		Wh-topics and wh-foci in Basque

3.00	Coffee Break

First Nations languages session
3.30	Adam Werle, University of Massachusetts, Amherst:
		Sonority-determined clitic order
4.00	Henry Davis, University of British Columbia:
		A'-binding, disjoint anaphora and reciprocals in Salish
4.30	Scott Shank, University of British Columbia:
		The structure of clefts in Straits Salish
5.00	Lisa Matthewson, University of British Columbia:
		On the universality of tense

5.30	Coffee Break

Invited speaker
6.00	Emmon Bach, University of Massachusetts, Amherst:

7.00	Reception at the 1st Nations House of Learning
- ---------------------------------

Saturday, Nov. 2nd

Main session syntax
9.00	Lisa Brunetti, Universita' di Firenze / UCLA:
		Is there any syntactic and/or semantic difference between 
		contrastive focus and information focus in Italian?
9.30	Kook-Hee Gil, Steve Harlow, George Tsoulas, University of York:
		Disjunction quantification and free-choice
10.00	Naomi Harada, ATR:
		The state of statives after spell-out

10.30	Coffee Break

10.45	Dimitra Papangeli, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, OTS:
		Greek reflexives and the syntax/lexicon parameter
11.15	Rakesh Bhatt, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:
		Accusative DPs in Kashmiri

11.45	Lunch Break

(The following semantics session and main session phonology run 
parallel from 1:30 to 5:30)

Semantics session
1.30	Hotze Rullmann, University of Calgary:
		Bound variable pronouns and the semantics of number
2.00	Elena Guerzoni, MIT:
		Minimizer-NPIs in questions and exhaustivity
2.30	Chris Barker and Gina Taranto, UC San Diego:
		The paradox of asserting clarity
3.00	Lynsey Wolter, UC Santa Cruz:
		Fall-rise, topic and speaker non-commitment

3.30	Break

4.00	Meredith Landman and Marcin Morzycki, University of 
Massachusetts, Amherst:
		Reference to event-kinds and the representation of manner
4.30	Eri Tanaka, Osaka University:
		Event composition and a path in Japanese
5.00	David McKercher, University of Victoria / Simon Fraser University:
		Possessive 'with' and locative 'with' in event semantics

5.30	Coffee Break

Main session phonology
1.30 	Kristie McCrary, UCLA:
		Syllable structure vs. segmental phonotactics: the 
phonetics and phonology of segment duration in Italian
2.00 	Long Peng, SUNY Oswego:
		Local conjunction as an alternative to couterfeeding: 
the case of Kikuyu consonant mutation
2.30 	Marina Tzakosta, University of Leiden Center for Linguistics 
and Holland Institute of Generative Linguistics:
		The clitic group in the acquisition of Greek

3.30	Break

4.00	Colleen Fitzgerald, Texas Tech University:
		Prosodic inconsistency in Tohono O'odham distributive 
4.30	Ana Luis, University of Essex:
		The morphophonology of pronominal affixes in European 
5.00	Sabrina Bendjaballah and Martin Haiden, CNRS-University DET 
Lille 3 and Aston University:
		Templatic architecture: the internal structure of German verbs

5.30	Coffee Break

Invited speaker
6.00	William A. Ladusaw, UC Santa Cruz:

7.00	Party

- -----------------------------------------------

Sunday, Nov. 3rd

Invited speaker
9.00	John Esling, University of Victoria:

10.00	Coffee Break

(The following phonetics session and main session syntax run parallel 
from 10:30 to 12:00)

Phonetics session
10.30	Kimary Shahin, University of British Columbia:
		On the nature of guttural laryngeals
11.00	Sunyoung Oh, University of British Columbia:
		Word-initial /l/ deletion in Korean: 
articulatory-based phonology
11.30	Byung-jin Lim, Indiana University:
		Vowel Length distinction and lexical ambiguity 
resolution in Korean
12.00	Mihoko Teshigawara, University of Victoria:
		Voices in animation

Main session syntax
10.30 	Virginia Savova, Johns Hopkins University:
		Towards a syntactic account of clitics: remnant 
movement and sentential clitics in Bulgarian
11.00 	Youngsun Kim, Cornell University:
		A-movement across CP and ECM / passive asymmetry
11.30 	F.umikazu Niinuma and Myung-Kwan Park, University of 
Connecticut and Dongguk University:
		Optional subject-aux inversion in comparatives and exclamatives
12.00 	Yves Roberge, University of Toronto:
		Transitivity requirement effects and the EPP

12.30	Business Meeting

- -----------------------------------------------

Hironobu Hosoi, Kagoshima Prefectural College / McGill University:
Event matters in the object internally-headed relative clause

Eric Mathieu, University College London / University of Newcastle:
Split DP-syntax: what it tells us about the nature of feature 
checking, optionality and pied piping

Cedric Boeckx and Youngmi Jeong, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign:
The fine structure of syntactic intervention

Don Salting, North Dakota State University:
Toward a typology of vowel height features

Brian Reese, University of Texas, Austin:
Kinds of modal subordination and the modal subordination of kinds

First Nations languages:
Yumiko Nakamura, University of British Columbia:
Possessor Raising and coreference in Secwepemctsin
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