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Sat Jul 13 2002

Qs: Lang Identification, Theta > [f] Variation

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  1. Natasha Warner, Language identification
  2. Kirk Hazen, Re: Variation of theta to [f] in varieties of English

Message 1: Language identification

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 20:39:29 +0000
From: Natasha Warner <>
Subject: Language identification

I have been given a list of words by someone who is unable to clearly
identify what language they are in, and I am curious to find out what
language(s) this may be, and what the language family is. There may
be borrowing from a variety of related or unrelated languages
involved. If anyone recognizes a reasonable number of words from the
following list as being (related to) a language they know (that is,
enough words to make it unlikely that the resemblance is by chance), I
would very much appreciate hearing about it. The words I have for
this language are as follows, using  for a reduced vowel, and
approximate IPA otherwise.

English the language
man awansa
woman asktavn
child EdZE
ancient kara
mother/nurturer matj
father/provider tatj
knife sImsim
blanket vas
deer oromn
bear SaSa
racoon tUktUk
bobcat anem
wolf anansa
rabbit atkErE
dog oijo anansa (small wolf)
larger sa?an
red hawk ha?al
crow tank
raven kUroku
bluejay katSkatS
quail parakul
comb orimn
rock maj
mountain sa?an maj (big rock)
homeland ayoka

Thank you in advance for any help.

Natasha Warner
University of Arizona

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Message 2: Re: Variation of theta to [f] in varieties of English

Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 10:06:18 -0400
From: Kirk Hazen <>
Subject: Re: Variation of theta to [f] in varieties of English

I am looking for both linguistic and social information concerning
theta to [f] variation in varieties of English (e.g. "birthday" to
"bir[f]day" ). I know that in Northern varieties of US English, it can
be highly stigmatized; however, in the Southern US, it for the most
part passes unnoticed. I was wondering what the social constraints or
associations might be in other varieties of English. Email me
directly, and I will post a summary. Thanks, Kirk [krk]

Thanks for your help,

Kirk Hazen, Ph.D.
West Virginia Dialect Project
Department of English, Box 6296
West Virginia University
Morgantown WV

(304)293-3107 (p)
(304)293-5380 (f)
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