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Books: Socioling:Zutot:Perspectives on Jewish Culture

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  1. kap-listman, Zutot 2001 edited by Shlomo Berger, Michael Brocke & Irene Zwiep

Message 1: Zutot 2001 edited by Shlomo Berger, Michael Brocke & Irene Zwiep

Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 04:05:43 +0200 (METDST)
From: kap-listman <>
Subject: Zutot 2001 edited by Shlomo Berger, Michael Brocke & Irene Zwiep

Zutot 2001 edited by Shlomo Berger Universiteit van Amsterdam, The

Michael Brocke Salomon Ludwig Steinheim-Institut,
Gerhard-Mercator-Universitat, Duisburg, Germany 

Irene ZwiepUniversiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The yearbook aims to fill a gap that has become more and more
conspicuous among the wealth of scholarly periodicals in the field of
Jewish Studies. Whereas existing journals provide space to medium -
and large sized articles, they neglect the small but poignant
contributions, which may be as important as the extended, detailed
study. The yearbook serves as a platform for small but incisive
contributions, and provides them with distinct context. The substance
of these contributions is derived from larger perspectives and though
not always presented in an exhaustive way, will have an impact on
contemporary discussions. The yearbook covers Jewish Culture in its
broadest sense, i.e. encompassing various academic disciplines -
literature, languages and linguistics, philosophy, art, sociology,
politics and history - and reflects binary oppositions such as
religious and secular, high and low, written and oral, male and female


Contents. Bible. A Note on the Root ZQN in the Hebrew Bible;
A. Brenner. Sacred Spaces in the Book of Daniel; S. Levy. Greek and
Roman World. Contextualising Greek Chronicles; S. Pearce. Cleopatra
the Physician; J. Geiger. Were the Rabbis Troubled by Witches?
L. Mock. Maria Alchemista, the First Female Jewish Author; P.W. van
der Horst. A Gold Votive Medallion in the Jewish Museum, London;
N. de Lange. PIYYUT. Hearing and Understanding Piyyut in the Liturgy
of the Synagogue; W.-J. van Bekkum. Intertextual Polyphony: Scriptural
Presence(s) in a Piyyutim Cycle by Yoseph Ibn Abitur;
Y. Granat. 'Rashi' and Early Ashkenazi Piyyut; A. van der
Heide. Isaac ha-Gorni and the Troubadour Persona; A. Brener. The
captions 'fi wazn' and 'fi lahn' in Strophic Poetry; U. Haxen. Jewish
Thought. Religious Polemics in a Philosophical Encyclopedia: Judah
ha?Cohen on 'The Chosen People'; R. Fontaine. Athens in Jerusalem. On
the Definition of Jewish Philosophy; R. Munk. Booklore. Some Remarks
on the Date and Original Price of a Rare Iberian Hebrew Incunable;
A.K. Offenberg. On an Unknown Appellation of Jerusalem from the
Ottoman Period; M. Levy?Rubin, R. Rubin. History. Passion at the
Periphery: The Contexts of a Clandestine Converso Conjunction;
M. Goldish. Abraham Hayim ben Zvi Hirsh Braatbard. A Hebrew
type-setter in Amsterdam in the first half of the eighteenth century;
R.G. Fuks-Mansfeld. Bridging the Gaps -Reflections on the Trial of a
Court Jew and a Modern Concept of Jewish History in Germany;
R. Ries. Viewing the Jewish Masses: Easing and Interpreting Entry to
the New World; M. Berkowitz. Yiddish. The pronunciation of
'Argentinean Standard Yiddish'; A. Kleine. The Manuscript Versions of
Isaac Euchel's 'Reb Henokh oder vos tut me damit'; R. Gruschka,
M. Aptroot. Some Notes on Hebraisms in the Yiddish 'Megalle Temirin';
J. Dauber. Haskalah and Hassidim. Hassidim, Mitnaggeddim and the State
in M.N. Lefins 'Essai d'un Plan de Reforme'; R. van Luit. Fact or
Fiction? A Social Sciences Dissertation; D. Meijers. Contemporary
Culture. Paul de Man's 'Wartime Journalism' and the Critics;
K. Frieden. Does Germany Follow a 'Special Path'? The Image of German
History in the New Israeli Textbooks (1990-2000); D. Niederland.

Hardbound, ISBN 1-4020-0702-7, July 2002, 230 pp.
EUR 75.00 / USD 69.00 / GBP 47.00

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