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Tue Jul 16 2002

Jobs: English Phonetics: Researcher, U/Alabama USA

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  1. jeflege, Jobs: English Phonetics, Speech Development: Researcher, U/Alabama USA

Message 1: Jobs: English Phonetics, Speech Development: Researcher, U/Alabama USA

Date: Mon, 15 Jul 2002 17:02:11 +0000
From: jeflege <>
Subject: Jobs: English Phonetics, Speech Development: Researcher, U/Alabama USA

University or Organization: University of Alabama at Birmingham
Rank of Job: Researcher
Specialty Areas Required: Phonetics, Speech Development
Required Language(s): English (Code = ENG)

		Post-doctoral Fellowship

A post-doctoral fellowship is available now (7/1/02) in the Division
of Speech and Hearing Sciences of the University of Alabama at
Birmingham. The post-doc will participate in ongoing speech
acquisition research supported by grants from the National Institutes
of Health. The research focuses on changes across the life span in the
ability to learn speech. All four current projects examine the
naturalistic acquisition of English as a second language in the United
States or Canada.

One project is a 7-year longitudinal study, how in its 4th year, which
examines adult native Spanish learners of English. Another project
examines the acquisition by English by Korean adults and
children. Still another project examines the influence of lexical
development on the production and perception of phonetic segments by
native Spanish speakers. Finally, in a collaborative project with Ian
MacKay at the University of Ottawa, we have been examining the
production and perception of English by Italian/English bilinguals who
have been selected on the basis of age of arrival in Canada and amount
of Italian (L1) use. In this ongoing research, we have examined
overall degree of foreign accent, vowel perception and production,
consonant perception, and word recognition in English. Other work in
progress examines performance in Italian (the L1).

The post-doctoral fellow will participate in one or more of the
projects just mentioned. We seek a candidate who has completed all
requirements for the Ph.D. degree (or has equivalent experience) in a
discipline relevant to the research (e.g., Experimental, Developmental
or Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Phonetics,
Linguistics). Knowledge of Italian, Spanish, or Korean would be
useful. The candidate should have a strong background in experimental
design and statistics; have carried out behavioral research with human
subjects; have a demonstrated interest in speech development; and
speak and write English well.

The salary is $27,000-37,000, depending on previous relevant
experience. The appointment will be for one year, with the possibility
of renewals for up to two additional years. Self-selected projects
falling within the scope of the supporting NIH grants are possible in
the second year. One trip to a professional conference per year will
be provided.

If interested, please contact Jim Flege by E-mail ( or
mail (Div. of Speech and Hearing Sciences, CH20, Room 119, 1530 3rd
Avenue South, Birmingham, AL, USA 35294.

Address for Applications:

	Attn: Prof. James Flege
	Speech and Hearing
	University of Alabama at Birmingham
	Speech and Hearing, CH20, Room 119
	1530 3rd Avenue South
	Birmingham, AL 35294
	United States 
Position is open until filled.

Contact Information:
	Professor James Flege.
	Tel: 205 975-1276
	Fax: 205 934-7438

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